Top 5: Hottest Google Searches: Masters Golf, Mary McCormack, and the Angels

What's hot? Here are some of the hottest searches of the day from Google.

Nick Adenhart,

the young Angels pitcher, who died in a hit-and-run crash the morning after his first start of the season, actually counts for seven of Google's top ten searches this afternoon. People are looking up his name, the Anaheim Angels, the Los Angeles Angels, and other word combinations ("angels pitcher," for instance) for information. See our story HERE if you've missed it.

The Masters Golf Tournament

is in full, er, swing. The Masters is one of sports' most celebrated events. People are looking for streaming video, their favorite players, and the "Amen Corner," which, fans need not be told, is one of the most challenging sections of the course in Augusta.

Mary McCormack

is just one member of the cast of "In Plain Sight" on the USA Network -- but the first season is out on DVD, and people are searching for McCormack, not the show. The drama's slogan: "Welcome to Witness Protection. Now Get Lost." One reviewer said she is "deserving of Emmy nomination consideration for taking what could have been a two-dimensional, stereotypical "tough chick" role in the hands of a lesser actress and making her feel completely genuine."

Gettysburg College,

a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania, was the site of an overnight killing. Details are few, says the Philadelphia Inquirer, but a student was stabbed and another was in custody. "This is a tragedy for the families involved and for our community," said the college president, Janet Morgan Riggs. Google says most searches are coming from the New York area, perhaps the home state of many students.

"Soap opera Springfield"

may not be an obvious search, unless you've entered it yourself. Google's data suggests people are actually looking for information on "The Guiding Light," the 57-year-old soap opera, which CBS says is going off the air this year. It takes place in a fictional town called Springfield.

Dan Miller

died last night, and he was still in Google's fast-changing top ten 18 hours later. You may never have heard of him, but if you live around Nashville, Tenn., he may be as big a star as Dolly Parton.

Miller was an anchorman at Channel 4 there, WSMV and a local fixture for nearly 40 years.

Google's Top Searches

For a few years in the late 1980s, he moved off to a larger station in Los Angeles, and then played sidekick to Pat Sajak on a late-night talk show. But he soon came back to Nashville.

Miller was in his hometown of Augusta, Ga., for the Masters Tournament when he had a heart attack Wednesday night, reportedly while showing friends around his old neighborhood. He was 67.