'Rogue' Rourke ready to demolish gamers

Mickey Rourke adds another tough guy to his repertoire, ex-Navy SEAL and author Richard Marcinko, in Rogue Warrior, a video game this fall from Bethesda Softworks for PS3, Xbox 360 and PCs.

Rourke voices "Demo Dick," a fictionalized version of Marcinko, who detailed his military career in 1992's Rogue Warrior and has an ongoing book series. Rourke calls Marcinko "the real deal" — a Silver Star honoree — and appreciates his no-rules approach to life. When he was younger, Rourke says, "there were no rules with me back then, which I can relate to with Marcinko's character. So I can bring part of myself to it."

On a break this week from shooting Iron Man 2, due next year, Rourke, 56, visited the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

To play Whiplash, "I have to learn a new dialect and speak Russian. (I) have just focused and lost the 30 pounds I put on for The Wrestler. That was not easy. ... My character, I'm telling you right now, is going to light them up."

In Rogue Warrior, a first-person shooting game set in the Cold War 1980s, "Demo Dick" investigates whether North Korea is stockpiling nuclear weapons. He follows a trail into Russia, leaving mayhem in his wake.

Does Rourke seek out these tough-guy roles? "They find me," he says. "I'm not 30 years old, so I don't get the girl anymore, unless I cut the guy's head off and take her."