Actor Leguizamo Shines on a Latin Web Site

In this week's Cybershake, actor John Leguizamo shares his passion for online. Plus, we note how audio tours of San Francisco's Alcatraz prison is turning high-tech.

Leguizamo's Leg-Up for Online Latino Entertainment

Actor John Leguizamo is one of those Hollywood stars that really enjoys being in the spotlight. His credits include everything from Moulin Rouge to Summer of Sam.

But he's also quite happy with his latest appearance — even though it's on a much smaller screen.

Leguizamo is part of a Web site called, a hip online gathering place for fans of Latin culture and entertainment.

"We do a lot of fun stuff there," he says. "I e-mail, sometimes I keep a diary."

The site features a good deal of information about Leguizamo, including his most recent work, Undefeated, a boxing drama produced by HBO Films. But the site also does a lot to promote up and coming stars of "Hispanowood" says Leguizamo.

"[The site does] competitions, they do a lot of parties, they do everything" says the young Latino actor. The site is currently giving away tickets to a Latino comedy series being held in various New York clubs for the next 13 weeks.

Doing his part for Latino entertainment, he says he's been using the Internet for years.

"I do most of my business through e-mail," says Leguizamo. "I mean I've been doing e-mails since before people starting doing it."

Leguizamo says he just can't get away from his computer — or from his comedic roots.

"Yeah, that's where I get a lot of my information," he told ABCNEWS. "[It's] incredible man — especially for porn. I mean that's where you can get your really good por … oops" he jokingly says.

— Larry Jacobs, ABCNEWS

Tour Tech Innovation at The Rock

"The Slammer," "The Big House," "The Rock," Alcatraz. It's one of the nation's most well-known prisons. And when it was a working penal institution, The Rock was one of the most technologically advanced jails of its time.

"When Alcatraz opened August 11, 1934, it was the state of the art penitentiary," says Golden Gate National Public Recreation spokesman Rich Weideman. "It had metal detectors."

Thousands of tourists still flock to the famous prison in San Francisco's bay. And technology is still playing a vital role.

Audio tours of the 336-cell prison are now done with a portable digital MP3 player. The crystal clear sound offered by the digital audio players gives visitors the sense that infamous historical criminals such as Al Capone are alongside them.

"What they hear are voices of the prisoners and guards walking through the cell house," says Weideman.

What's more, since the narration is stored in the common MP3 format, park operators can keep the 35-minute audio tour quite easily.

"[Just] download into the MP3 players the new audio tour and [we can] do it in about 10-15 minutes" says Weideman.

For more on the Alcatraz tours, check out the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy Web site:

— Michael Barr, ABCNEWS

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