TechBytes: Apple Investigates iPhone 4S Battery Problem

PHOTO: An Apple Store customer looks at the new Apple iPhone 4Gs, Oct. 14, 2011 in San Francisco, Calif.PlayJustin Sullivan/Getty Images
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In today's TechBytes: Battery problems plague the new iPhone 4S.

It appears that a flaw in the phone's location software is causing the battery to drain rapidly.

Several tech blogs suggest that users shut off the "Setting Time Zone" feature when not traveling to help conserve the battery life.

Facebook Hacks

Some sobering news for Facebook users: According to the social networking giant, 600,000 accounts are threatened by hackers every day.

Facebook hopes to correct the problem with its "Trusted Friends" system, which will send new log-in information to a few of your closest friends in the event that your account is hacked.

iPad Halloween Costume

Check out this tech-savvy costume. All you need are two iPads -- which may leave a hole in your wallet, but as you can see here, by setting up two iPads to have a real Facetime conversation, the image can create a hole in your stomach.

Talk about heartburn!