TechBytes: Consumer Electronics Show Day 1

Ultra light, thin laptops are the hot product at the Consumer Electronics
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In today's TechBytes: ultrabooks.

Super-thin, super-light laptops are one of the biggest new categories at this year's consumer electronics show.

CNET'S Dan Ackerman is there, and took a look.

"The thinnest new one that we've seen is the Acer Aspire S-5. It's only 5 mm thick, and they can get it down that small because they take all the ports and connections you usually have on your laptop, and they hide them behind a motorized little flap that lowers down in the back when you press a button."

The Acer Aspire S-5 is expected to hit stores later this year.

Kinect Is Connecting With Gamers

Also at the show -- Microsoft says sales of Kinect are good — 18 million of the gaming system sold in the first year.

And it will begin selling a Windows PC version of Kinect in a few weeks.

Tebow Tweets Top Twitter Tally

And when Denver quarterback Tim Tebow threw this touchdown pass Sunday, he entered the record books.

Not for football, but because it prompted more than 9,400 tweets per second — a Twitter record for a sports event.