TechBytes: Fox News Twitter Account Hacked

False tweet claims presidential assassination.

July 5, 2011— -- In today's TechBytes: the Secret Service is looking into a hack attack.

Someone broke into the Fox News Politics Twitter account early yesterday and tweeted messages reporting that President Obama had been assassinated.

Obviously not so -- the president spent July 4th at the White House.

Google Drops Real-Time

Google has shut down its real-time search service, which found updates on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The search giant wants to integrate real-time with its own social networking project.

Cars 2 Video Game

In today's video game review, "Cars 2". The new third person racing game doesn't follow the storyline of the Disney Pixar film, but it does feature some of the same characters.'s Libe Goad gives it high marks, "You'd really be hard pressed to find a more charming game that is packed with family-friendly entertainment value this summer."

ABC News is a division of the Walt Disney Company, which published the game.