Verizon iPhone Preorders Finished; Predictions for Super Bowl Sunday

Preorders are
WATCH Preorders are Done

Verizon has stopped taking preorders for the iPhone. Less than 24 hours after Verizon started selling the highly anticipated device, the carrier has blown through its allotment. Verizon also says it might now slow down service for heavy dater users who slow down its network. One thing subscribers may not have to worry about: dropped calls. USA Today's Ed Baig said the Verizon iPhone lives up to the hype:

"The key differentiator is the network -- Verizon vs. AT&T. ... I didn't experience any dropped calls testing the iPhone in northern New Jersey and here in New York City."

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The Super Bowl will be played this Sunday, but the web has already picked the winner. According to Social Radar, online buzz in the month before the big game has accurately predicted the winning team for the past four years. So who's going to win this year? The web says the Packers.