TechBytes: Skype Acquires GroupMe

VIDEO: Skype announces it is purchasing the GroupMe messaging
WATCH TechBytes (08.22.11)

In today's TechBytes, Skype is getting into group messaging. The Internet calling service said it is buying GroupMe.

It allows users to send text messages to several people at once and make conference calls.

HP TouchPad: Going, Going, Gone

Hewlett-Packard is getting out of the tablet business in a big way. The company is holding a fire sale on its TouchPad, just $99 for the basic model, down from $500 and similar savings on the other.

Meanwhile, Apple, the king of the tablets, is working on its next generation iPad. The Wall Street Journal says trial production will start in October and the tablet will go on sale early next year.

As website hackers get bolder, they can claim bragging rights on a new site called

It not only ranks them, but attempts to verify their claims. The site also offers extra points for hacking certain sites.