TechBytes: Speculations Swirl Around Apple and 'iTV'

Apple may enter the TV set business.

Aug. 29, 2011— -- In today's TechBytes, Apple's next big frontier. Your next television set may look something like...the iPad. Several sites are reporting Apple is working on digital televisions based on its iOS operating system.

But Apple is no longer renting television shows for .99 through iTunes and its Apple TV service. Instead, customers now have to buy them for $2-$3.

Most of the top networks weren't cooperating... And Apple says its customers prefer to buy shows anyway.

Facebook Ends Daily Deals

Facebook is getting out of the daily discounts business after a four month trial.

It says there is a lot of potential for driving people to local businesses, and it will continue to explore these opportunities.

That's not surprising, because a new study says half of all American adults are now on social networking sites.

A third of baby boomers check in daily. But the power users are young women, with more than twice as many logging in each day.