TechBytes: Motorola's New Tablet Computer

A New Tablet
WATCH A New Tablet Computer

Motorola is trying to get a buzz going about a new tablet computer. A Motorola video indicates the company will introduce the tablet at next month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The video shows a museum exhibit with ancient stone tablets, then tablet computers and finally the Motorola mystery product, covered up.

That Wii Mickey Mouse Game

And Mickey Mouse is the star of a new videogame. You can play Epic Mickey on Wii. Libe Goad of struggled with camera control, but otherwise said the game is a lot of fun. Goad explained the game's plot to ABC News. "Mickey Mouse gets sucked into this cartoon world called the wasteland and the wasteland is being destroyed by paint thinner, after all it's a cartoon world, and also by evil ink blots and so Mickey has to set everything right again, by solving puzzles and moving from location to location. He does this by means of a magical paint brush." Disney Interactive Studios created the game. Walt Disney Co. is the parent company of ABC.

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