TechBytes: Verizon Will Offer iPhone Unlimited Data Plan For Limited Time

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Verizon announced it will offer its $30 a month unlimited data plan for the iPhone, for a limited time only. The cell phone carrier says it will eventually move to a usage-based billing model.

AT&T discontinued its unlimited data plan last summer.

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

The popularity of tablets and laptops suggests the computer mouse is becoming obsolete.

However, for those who still enjoy using them, Microsoft has introduced an innovative new design: the Arc Touch Mouse.

"This is a flat mouse, so you can put it in your back pocket," said Katie Boehret of the Wall Street Journal.

"When you use it, it really does feel like a larger, round mouse because it can arch up and create this comfortable place for your hand to rest while you're using it."

The Arch Touch Mouse sells for $70.