TechBytes: A Warning About Cellphones and Cancer

A Link Between Cellphones and Cancer?
WATCH A Link Between Cell Phones and Cancer?

The World Health Organization has issued a warning about cellphones and cancer. The United Nations agency said Tuesday that the devices might increase the risk of brain cancer. Not all scientists agree, and the wireless industry itself scoffed at the report, pointing out that coffee and pickles are also classified as "possibly carcinogenic."

Steve Jobs to Unveil iCloud

Apple has confirmed that Steve Jobs will unveil the much-anticipated iCloud service at next week's developers' conference. Details have yet to be released, but iCloud is expected to go head-to-head with the music-streaming services recently launched by Google and Amazon.

Google 'Screwed Up'

Google's executive chairman has admitted that the company missed the boat on social networking. Eric Schmidt told a California conference that he "screwed up" by not taking Facebook seriously enough. Schmidt said future Google products will add social functionality, including the ability to recommend websites to friends.