Windows Phone 7 Upgrade, Online Video Viewing and Jeopardy Challenge

Microsoft's smartphone to be linked to Xbox.

Feb. 15, 2011— -- Microsoft is looking to turn smartphones into video game remotes. Microsoft says it hopes to connect phones running on its Windows Phone 7 software to the Xbox. The company showed a video of one player using the Xbox Kinect while two others joined in on their phones. The new feature is expected to be added later this year.

Online Video Viewing Habits

Americans are spending more time watching video online. Time spent streaming video rose 45 percent in January compared with a year ago. Netflix was easily the top site, with the average viewer watching over 11 hours of movies and TV shows.

Jeopardy Champs vs. Watson, Round 1

Round One of Jeopardy's Man versus Machine challenge ended in a tie. IBM's supercomputer Watson and former Jeopardy champ Brad Rutter ended day one with $5,000 each. The other human, Ken Jennings, had $2,000. Watson was far from perfect - after Jennings gave a wrong answer, the computer gave the same incorrect response.