Top 5 New Gadgets of the Week: Honda UNI-CUB, iHome iP76, ThinkPad X1 Carbon

PHOTO: Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 ultrabook, Sony's Alpha NEX-F3 is a micro four thirds camera and iHome's iP76 light-up speaker tower
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We'll forgive you if you might have missed any of the gadget announcements this week: Facebook's record-setting IPO sure did dominate the technology and national headlines.

But while Mark Zuckerberg was becoming a billionaire, there were some exciting gadget announcements, including a new ultrabook from Lenovo that's even lighter than the HP Envy Spectre we wrote about just last week, an indoor, seated alternative to the Segway, and a couple truly colorful accessories. Click through for a recap of this week's coolest gadgets.

PHOTO: Lenovo ThinkPad XI
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Carbon fiber. That's the secret to Lenovo's newest ultrabook offering, showing up its predecessors by being the lightest so far, at just under three pounds. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is only 18mm at its thickest point, and has a comfortably large 14-inch high-resolution display. Lenovo has yet to release information on the Carbon's battery life, but claims that you can charge the battery to 80 percent in just 35 minutes using Rapid Charge technology. It will be available this summer, but there's no word yet on pricing. Lenovo

PHOTO: iHome speaker tower
iHome iP76

If some great music can turn a lame party around, how about adding a light show? The iHome iP76 is an iPhone and iPod dock with Reson8 speakers, but also provides an LED light show that you can set up however you'd like. You can program the iHome to fade between the colors of your choosing or have the lights pulse and strobe to your tunes, whether you're looking for a little romantic mood lighting, to electrify the scene of a party, or to provide some relaxation at home. The iHome iP76 will be available in July for $199. iHome

PHOTO: UNI-CUB scooter

Honda's moving in on the Segway mobility market with the UNI-CUB: a unicycle-like device that doesn't come with the drawbacks of standing, having to use your hands to steer, or looking positively bizarre. Well okay, we can't guarantee that last one. The vehicle response to the movement of your weight and requires no hands. The UNI-CUB will be tested in June with Japan's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, but there is no current timetable on when, if ever, the device will be released for retail. More on the latest scooter evolution here. Honda

PHOTO: Sony Alpha NEX-F3
Sony NEX-F3

Sony's NEX micro-four thirds camera has always been one of the best on the market, but it's about to get even better. The 16-megapixel F3 comes with an 18-55mm lens and is a good choice for those wanting a camera in between a higher end DSLR and a point and shoot. The new model has been equipped with a pop-up flash and a 180-degree tiltable LCD screen so you can take self-portraits. But it's not cheap -- it's available for pre-order now for $600, will ship in June. Sony

PHOTO: ROCCAT Savu mouse.

The Savu is ROCCAT's newest mouse for the game-savvy, and it definitely brings the game. With a 4000 dpi sensor, a sweat-resistant coating for the heat of the moment, and a customizable LED, it's both stylish and functional. The Savu also introduces a new system called R.A.D., or ROCCAT Achievements Display, to track mouse statistics and allow players to earn achievements based on their mouse activity. If you can't wait to start showing off your newest gaming toy to your friends, it's available now on Amazon for $100. ROCCAT

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