Amelia Earhart Mystery: New Search Explained

Researcher Ric Gillespie discusses July expedition to search for Amelia Earhart.
3:34 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for Amelia Earhart Mystery: New Search Explained
This is just three months effort earlier heart disappeared there was a British expedition visited the island. They weren't looking for -- they were there to assess the island uninhabited. For future settlement. And -- their departure one of the cadet officers. Poland and Eric -- snapped a photograph of the island's western -- that's for the right -- for account. And how we had that -- for for many years but I always cropped the photograph. Because I was worried from the ship wreck we'll just before our 2010 expedition to from world. Our forensic imaging specialist Jeff Glickman. He said that. He wanted to review all the photos in case there -- some kind there might be something of interest. And he. Called me he said what's the thing sticking up out of the water in the -- photo of the of the west and the analysts that looked at my copy is that there's nothing there. He -- -- there -- I'm looking at the original negatives that yet and there's something sticking up out of the water so I looked and he's right in it shouldn't be there. It's just a block to -- but possible and Jeff worked and it works and I think this might -- a Lockheed Electra landing here. -- he would be interest because that's right where we think the airplane did land on the reef and was eventually washed into the ocean. But we -- verification -- replica ability of results is the essence of scientific investigation so. Why don't I have an offer some hope from the state departments -- sure if we could have -- old photo analysts. From the State Department take a look at this -- we'll see if there's anything to -- And they did. And they gave us the results of these that you know where you think you're right we we think this this might be. A Lockheed Electra lanigan -- the components are. Consistent we -- going to see a lot of Honolulu on July 2. And they'll take -- eight days to get done the island but we'll have ten days on site we're going to do it detailed. Multi beam. Mapping of the search area. Police search operations will be conducted forests by Phoenix international navy's primary search contractor for deep ocean search and recovery. Mike cuts -- the president CEOs is here today and and we're really grateful for their for their involvement in this. That the -- planned by the way has. Benton. Looked over and some important suggestions. And additions have been made by doctor Robert Ballard for which we are. -- -- -- make the mapping of the area will search with. Side really high resolution side scan sonar monitored on an autonomous underwater vehicle and -- UV basically are. Small robotic submarine. Interesting targets will be investigated by a remote operated vehicle -- -- -- with cameras lights manipulator arms. Will search. The entire. Suspect area. Now reasonable people. Can disagree. On the interpretation of evidence. And there are some very Smart people who think we're wrong about this but there are some very Smart people who think we're right about -- And the only thing we can do is make -- best effort to. Goal and search and look and see what we can find it.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"Researcher Ric Gillespie discusses July expedition to search for Amelia Earhart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"15962145","title":"Amelia Earhart Mystery: New Search Explained","url":"/Technology/video/amelia-earhart-mystery-new-search-explained-15962145"}