Apple Announces Digital Textbooks

iBooks 2 and iBooks Author are interactive apps for iPads and computers.
1:51 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for Apple Announces Digital Textbooks
The iPad and the other hand is eminently portable. -- -- more durable than Paper in -- Of course it's interactive. And it has modern tools the kids are used to like searching. And an author can keep the contents covered an up to -- even after they've been deployed to the students. But can we get. Amazing -- Turned into new generation of digital books -- get the kind of content we've seen in textbooks turn into something new. An interactive an exciting and fun. -- so we're here to tell you about today so I am extremely proud to be the first to tell you about the brand new iBooks to. And iBooks to brings a new textbook experience. For the cut. These are beautiful books. Interactive. Gorgeous. Fun and engaging. Kids are gonna really love to learn. With textbooks. And iBooks what does it take to create these books. And that's just as important. I'm really pleased -- the first to tell you -- an entirely new application. We call -- iBooks author. Not how these books are made with the -- new application called iBooks author and I book's author is a -- application. An incident took place where you go to do everything you've just seen. It's easy to use its powerful it's feature rich. And authors are going to love to use -- book's -- to create but only textbooks but any kind of book. Cookbook trouble books story books you can create any kind of interactive book. But I book's author -- folks focused most of all to making it an amazing textbook -- experience.

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{"id":15395191,"title":"Apple Announces Digital Textbooks","duration":"1:51","description":"iBooks 2 and iBooks Author are interactive apps for iPads and computers.","url":"/Technology/video/apple-announces-digital-textbooks-15395191","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}