Apple Fans Line Up for Apple Watch Announcement

Tech giant ready to release wearable gadget.
8:45 | 03/09/15

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Transcript for Apple Fans Line Up for Apple Watch Announcement
Apple in your pocket in your home and now. On your wrist the tech John getting to launch set to launch. It's much awaited apple watched at a press conference in San Francisco blow when I'm Dan Butler and New York the world in fact watching today's launch and some people. Already lining up just for the press conference including our own ABC's Neal Karlinsky waited in line well. Feel what's going on out there. Dan how Laurie MX I stepped up on this long and give you a little bit of a view this is this is basically. It's like you're a sudden you're Gwinnett center in its efforts. Getting ready people. Really you know just an exclusive bunch of tech journalists who. Going to be allowed to go in his presentation. Some tantalizing clues as to what the apple watch. It's incredible how many people actually assist him. Stand around taking pictures of the apple logo. Give you a sense. This is the registry. And then we had a whole new line. Or satellite. How many people filing their live reports now. We know it's about the apple watch we know it comes in three versions. And we know that the starting version begins at 349 dollars. But we don't know much more than that and so we what we think it's gonna happen on stage there's a lot more details important questions like the battery life. He reeled actually make it a whole day without taking his watch off your wrist in order to charge it again. How much we'll the most expensive edition version costs which comes in eighteen karat gold. Estimates have ranged from 2000 up to 101000 dollars a lot of people very curious to see what happens but that. Ultimately what we really expect to happen on stage here today. Is a number of presentations. Likely from app developers when I've been did more than a dozen of these presentations for different. Products through the years and typically what you have is apple has chosen its favorite developers. Those who have the coolest apps that we'll get you. Ruling over the product injures his Abaya when it comes out where the watches both be available in April to expect to see some of them on stage. Dem going exactly how this watched him work. In your everyday life and whether it is somebody did something very useful or just something that is beautiful and cool. We will learn a lot more coming up Sudan. Yup thank you for that every. I want to bring in in share executive editor of In thanks for being with us first things first hard edged when asked you get him when he of these watches and there's a lot of excitement built around this. That there is a ton of excitement there's definitely a group of people who are going to be really interest in this. As you know they're in actually Smart watches on the market for the last two years. And so a lot of the people in the technology world myself included have been playing let them and are really interested to see how apples and do it differently. Out of my debate questions as Drake an a B Howell they're going tea offers something really unique. About the Smart watches right now most of them that are out there. Do you emails they do text messages they do fun cause. They do allow the basics out so you know Apple's definitely need something that looks a lot nicer most of them are plastic right now you know apples using aluminum steel or gold. So they're doing things that are different but can they actually make of I device that does different things and offers something really unique to the market. Does different things something different the market as well as you pointed out there is going to be a couple different models of this available right. Yes there are three different models that is going to be this sport version which we all assume is the cheapest one at a beach reap 49. Next one Applebee's stainless steel and an after that will be gold so the larger questions as as you get mentioned in the earlier report. Is how high the price will go it's really unclear mean some people are estimating as high as 101000 dollars which when you consider way tax lawyer or make you are all these. He's charged. That's not a comment but what's interesting is apple hasn't made a watch but where they don't have. History in this space and so can make I mean. And be a premium watch maker and also still sell to normal people who are buying I'd. If in fact this doesn't go as the way apple hopes its going to go what's the image of the company. Well it it the real question that's surrounding apple can they create a new device after Steve Jobs. This is actually you can believe it at first device that person new initiative that. Has happened since Steve Jobs died. And so if they aren't implemented to succeed there's going to be a lot of questions about what the future of apple is it. Are they are they able to be innovative in a way that they Wear when he was alive. And those are really like if they can't meet this device worked its going to be a big question hanging opera. If in fact this does become a success as Apple's open it's going to be what's that's the whole Smart watch industry when you've got the Samsung's out there that are have a product line. What there's actually not that many are ideas out there right now at. As you mentioned Samsung LG Motorola and a company called Pavel which is that start up impala. There are making what is we are not talking about selling Grammy devices were talking about the low millions in aggregate. And so if apple is able economy and and end the estimates are right that they're going to be blowing through that number which in the first couple weeks then I it's probably unlikely that. The rest of the watch market is going to be able to exist as it is what it things that's important to note though is that. Apple is making this bear apple watch is only expected to work with the iPhone. So what's gonna happen is if I have an android device or if I have Windows Phone device ordered something other than apple I'm not going to be able to by the apple I'm gonna happen. Have to look to alternatives so there's still going to be an existing watch market but what's. Really going to be interest being is that if apple becomes the largest one in the world. Just by nature of coming in having the brand recognition and having those people who like to buy apple products I was back and change the rest of the market. I as I mentioned you know a lot of these devices are made of plastic a kind of buggy. We'll all these people at the raised their game to be able to compete against apple especially if they have to protect what the android ecosystem is doing well. So that's interest because you know if you go out and you buy an iPod you could have them PC computer you can still obviously download music can use iTunes. But you're saying that with this particular watch though it still needs an actual iPhone supports of this is this is almost like complementary device and the rolling now. All of this watched his right now they're at they're complementary on the diet if you look at Saddam's son almost everyone knows how much as I think except one of them. Requires a phone to work at least to do those functions like email and all back. I'm the Pavel also that one it's the start up and how today gets a lot of attention. They also require ace are part of some sort to work. So I'm that the apple ought to be very similar it's not gonna work without a device would apple has suggested is that will only work with iphones which makes sense because. They like to do a lot of special things make it all work. And it's worth noting that when he I type in data going back to 2001. It only worked with Max it wasn't until a few years later that they need to work with PCs. And so it's it's likely that Apple's gonna stick to what they know and make sure it's it's has little kind of op opportunities for bugs have problems in a beginning and then they'll probably expanded over time to include other devices if they're willing to go down for a. So Apple's got this great track record of spilling just enough information you know showing a little bit it not for the secrets there to get people's appetites kind of worked up a little bit. And then Sylvia able to really deliver when Meehan launch actually happens but we expecting some big surprises than today at the announcement. There aren't that many big surprises that are going to be that have real questions. Are at the price which you know do we know the low price so a lot of people already have made the decision whether or not gonna buy it just based on that. But the other things where interest in finding out RD apps and what kind of complimentary. Day stuff that's out there what unique things this is gonna bring to the market. Does have a larger questions that really are out there which if you think about it. In the grand scheme of things we already know the basic right so this is more at eight. Let's learn the details let's learn whether or not this is a truly competitive device there are other things to people are considering might be. Announced during this event like a smaller MacBook Air or an upgrade for the apple TV if those things are shown they're going to be secondary. And terms of way from where everyone's interest is probably. With this. In chair executive editor of Ian thank you so much appreciate it. My pleasure you can keep up to date with this or real time Mike Allen ABC news start the story for updates on you know I'm Dan learn New York.

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