iPhone 5 Rumor and Release Guide

Should you wait for Apple's next iPhone?
3:16 | 08/01/12

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Transcript for iPhone 5 Rumor and Release Guide
Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Joanna plant -- new iPhone iPad. Yeah. And -- for him. There's an iPhone 5 must the ability to it was sold so Joanna the burning question that I had my life right now if you -- away upgraded -- vying to replace this or do I go with an android phones like the galaxy adds. Perhaps it is that time. In the year almost everyone I know I mean everyone is asking me about -- next I don't know what they think we'll be called iPhone 5. In fact so many people are waiting -- an iPhone apple only 26 million passport or in comparison to that thirty right now meaning of the previous work. And it makes sense that people are meeting with almost about a year ago on October 4 apple I have. But we really don't know for sure when that next -- is gonna come out. Actually only people temperature and excitement come out and they've worked at apple. And outside of apple maybe this guy knows when the next iPhone. So why we don't know for sure when and exactly commitment that we. -- here that there are a lot of so here you where winds that are gonna give a glimpse -- what the next iPhone might look like. Number one the iPhone will have a slightly bigger screen with the new tests the last time that her. It also -- having you design users have reported images it might look like this it might look nothing like this just don't know. Number two I don't have a smaller charging port -- smaller than this. Which means that these older chargers won't actually worked at my guess is that apple released an adapter for the use of your older -- -- work. -- on top of that there's a -- that they're gonna move the headphone Jack down the product. Number three it will of course be faster and this when I am very confident. Faster processor faster graphics faster data with. Plenty -- to eat on the software front we actually know a lot of things for sure he would actually run highway six which is Apple's new version of -- software. The iPod -- So seriously should I wait for daylight -- -- What that does not work right now yeah I -- -- words I can still have Carly -- jets and admiring -- against me for the most part tax that costs next. Calls everything crystal clear -- Have you thought about switching to mean I kind of want to stick with the I've found because this is seen as good have -- regiment your life but. -- -- got some pretty will be the fifth. Sure there are a lot of good -- -- airing out the galaxy S three which despite the vast right but I still say he hit me has waited long nap right I didn't. -- -- There -- situated just between us and tell anyone but it wasn't a reminder what is the iPhone coming. I don't know. I do not know exactly coming -- maybe in September and October I didn't know that name -- the next night I think the iPhone 5 -- -- -- excitement. What I do know is actually going to come out with another night.

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{"id":16905596,"title":"iPhone 5 Rumor and Release Guide","duration":"3:16","description":"Should you wait for Apple's next iPhone?","url":"/Technology/video/apple-iphone-5-rumor-release-guide-16905596","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}