Can Apple Thrive in a Post-Jobs Era?

The passing of Steve Jobs has many questioning Apple's future.
5:42 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Can Apple Thrive in a Post-Jobs Era?
-- We pay tribute to the legacy of Steve Jobs but also look ahead to what's next for the company He co founded. This man could almost be called the Steve Jobs of household appliances. -- plug into the world of James Dyson. It was time to put the Daniel -- a spot again with questions from our viewers. -- -- check -- -- and Daniel -- so much has been written instead about the passing of Steve Jobs. There's not really much that we can -- -- it but we're gonna trying anyway by looking ahead to the future of apple to do that we elicit the help of lance ulanoff. Editor in chief at national and no -- Lucia executive editor at fast company dot com. In light. Steve Jobs is -- now -- having to move forward in the company's gonna continue on. We know how did they do that was their strategy to -- change and evening hours and it's business as usual. I think we're seen changes that apple you know I was out there for the apple Taurus launch and ten companies CEO's the stage it was that the tone was different. I think he's different kind of manager he's deeply ingrained in companies and inventory -- really understands this kind of stuff. But He doesn't come across as a visionary. Or strategic genius like. -- these early days. One thing to remember that apple is that it was not -- Steve -- not every product like burst forth from the mind of Steve Jobs. He surrounded himself with hyper intelligent people passionate people who would help deliver his -- Funerals still there and anything they really believed in the company and its times. Apple definitely houses a bit of a challenge I mean I don't think you'll see that challenge for apple manifest itself right away because. I'm sure they have a long product line you know sort of evolution mapped out already right. But in the years ahead. Tim Cook is going to have to continue to innovate on -- level that hasn't traditionally been part of his job role -- -- He came to apple. As a real genius on the operations side. But He -- never been known as the guy who came up with brilliant ideas or -- that. Attention to detail but that Steve Jobs have these needs products that He just had to -- How important his use -- mobile. Two keeping the momentum going with apple well holds court -- every ten business now everybody knows -- and company struggling to get an intuit to. -- just watched the disaster there this is tough for people that apple knows how to do it. They've successfully delivered product the -- on any of slowly updated it and -- out to additional carriers. Usually to great success -- the iPhone four S comes out and it's not -- -- one. But people should not get the big news sprint has access to the iPhone four. Right this is something sprint customers have wanted -- -- one of the guys on enhancement customers -- excited it literally was like hell yes. Would have been competing companies that are really gonna try to step -- let me ask you this as an opportunity of course there. Respectful to the fact that -- -- -- evidence of business and maybe they see a chance to catch -- -- -- -- someone for sure. It's interesting because there without a doubt there are competitors apple out there are none of them I think compete on all of the same areas that -- Owns right now of lots of them compete in different ways the Kindle tablet for instance as -- -- Competitor have the beyond -- looking at even digital delivery of books and music I think is a place where Amazon is starting to make real inroads. They don't have the branding of iTunes but I think they've certainly got -- infrastructure there and -- Bob price point. I think when you look at you look at Google and the android marketplace an android phones. Which again don't -- the hit. This factor necessarily. The iPhone. But what you're seeing is -- everywhere they're everywhere. What about the next Steve Jobs condemning how many other. CEOs -- -- the tax base. You know trigger of that sort of responses via this is a first as far as I can remember we have you believe this way. And sometimes it hurts Europe's little upset and shocked this is different there was a sense of dread for medium -- Feeling like this could become. Eat crow I think everything in -- Content once he's out this. We all until the news and opinion I'm Ryan let me tonight on -- night. He used to come up with big and you know I'd better run -- and better -- on the London bar and just like -- you know just one suit you kind of. I leave this weekend so let me tell. A -- Everyone has been. I think they have the votes in the afternoon. I am small faults. Apple have a 60% of the -- -- people's food you can find themselves as -- Mac. Person that you can have elements of Apple's products doing all the different things that haven't tablets -- -- allowed top. Apple TV you mean they can sort of negative part of their lifestyle and so many different ways and it really hard. Any of many companies that can offer all of us. Apple was really good Steve Jobs was really good at putting personality products and it's hard to -- some real. True stroke of genius.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"The passing of Steve Jobs has many questioning Apple's future. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"14741133","title":"Can Apple Thrive in a Post-Jobs Era?","url":"/Technology/video/apple-thrive-post-steve-jobs-era-many-question-apples-future-technology-14741133"}