Astronaut Talks Dessert, Voting and Triathlons From Space

Commander Suni Williams speaks from the International Space Station with ABC News' Lisa Stark.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Astronaut Talks Dessert, Voting and Triathlons From Space
How the weather at their today. Absolutely beautiful just like every day up here it's. It's nice to see the earth in the clouds down below getting to the point that I sort of -- a little bit -- But every -- a beautiful day -- here. Now you used acted -- yesterday tell me about as some of the cargo and I understand they even that brought you a little dessert. That's a fact actually add Golden's hands -- -- -- was at the controls and and grabbed the dragon. And and then we brought it close into that close next to the space station and then I got to actually -- -- -- that was pretty fun. A lot of cargo -- you might see behind me we started. Taken -- out some of -- white bags right behind me is all the cargo this isn't the crew care package which brought which we got we also got a little dessert. Just like you said. Got a little ice cream so we're looking forward to have a -- tonight. We just -- it's this afternoon so. We put it in our refrigerator here waiting to have -- tonight. -- Yeah that's quite a -- we don't usually have this type the stuff -- it's usually you know Thermo stabilized -- Dehydrated -- high trading so you know. Homemade ice cream is something special in them Bergen have a little party we you know attacking and I -- hearing about it last night and -- -- desert night. There were in the middle of the election here how you -- vote from space. Well I'll luckily I was able to be an early voter so. While they've got inserted right under the wire while we -- in 'cause -- stand in July. I actually submitted my votes and double envelope did my husband ticket home and business and -- -- in for me so luckily I already voted. We'll see if -- made the right choice. Do you -- in Massachusetts. Actually you know I'm military and -- navy guy so I spent some mighty my earlier days in Florida aside in a Florida residents and since I was like twenty so I'm. A Florida guy and they have absentee ballot. Voting for military and so that's how I actually got my ballot. Very cool. I'm compared this day on your space station compared the what you had before that the -- your second hitch up there. You know and last was really dynamic -- -- right in the middle of building the space station and you know right. Besides this time would be a little less dynamic may be in a little bit more concentrated I'd. Science and that it is for sure in every day is a little bit different do it all sorts of amazing science experiments from fired to cap the Larry action to -- medical experiments. And I thought that was going to be really exciting and it is but then on top of that we are doing some pretty dynamic operations. Since we've been here. We've had an HT be a Japanese cargo vehicle -- And release it we've had progress come and go we've had Soyuz coming go and now we have dragon. Coming and going as well as we did a couple ABA's in their might be another one -- our play coming up in the next two weeks. As well as than the rest of our 33 crew which is coming up here also in two weeks so it's been hidden pretty crazy it's been one thing after another I think it's the the next step against space exploration to make it almost. That are not necessarily routine but almost -- a very action packed and that's what should be expected. You're like a giant truck stop in space. But let me ask you a minute about your triathlon what what prompted you -- do it try capitol -- Floating that -- about the years. -- -- -- lay that things that I think is really important as physical fitness particularly for kids when I was a kid I was a swimmer and I think that really. Dictated a lot of you know my personality about. Being may be a little -- a little bit persistence and you know and in knowing how to win in knowing how to lose tonight I really think sports are good Natalie for your house but just -- you know professional physical development. And and trying to figure out -- some way in -- -- lifetime to emphasize that to kids in the you know less semis up here. Aaron Abbas -- accept from Boston in this time I was offered. An entry into the Malibu triathlon bike doctor Sanjay Gupta so. How did you say no you know I was swimmer when I was a kid running just comes naturally and biking -- -- -- spaces is sort of a standard so. Wide -- and hopefully some kids picked up on it may be get interested in transplants and sports. The difference someone slipped behind -- their by the way. And obviously -- -- you couldn't swim but is simulated swim with the machine that you have up their right. Yeah we have this really great machine called the advanced resistance exercise device and people say how -- -- lift weights in space in this device allows us to use a vacuum. -- cylinders with vacuuming and you push against the vacuum he can get all the way up to about 600 pounds equivalent. And so it really provides a good load bearing exercise for. Your hips in your ankles and your back and your -- abdomen area. It's really those of the parts that we lose bone density and muscle mass and so it's really good and then also you can induce some bench press and shoulder press. Biceps curls you know beach muscles. And so we did a whole routine of about fifteen of those exercises and it pretty much wore me out. And that was -- that was a good swim equivalent -- One quick thing I -- horrible at a time I read on your blog that. You could see this season change from up there about that what is that life. Well it's pretty pretty cool because last time I was here from December to June. And you know of course you're looking at where you're from and -- looking at you know places in the Northern Hemisphere and I could see everything turning bright green and that was really cool because it's like oh it's springtime in its summertime. And that this time. I didn't even think about it -- asserted it just sort of happened when we're up here everything was a little bit darker green like it is in this you know in the later summer. And now when you look at you know the areas where we're growing allowed in the middle of the United States for example. It's much Browner and I think you know -- part of that was the drought anyway but it's definitely. A reddish -- in the more northern parts of the the North America. And this time I've been paying attention to other parts of the world that I don't really know very much about the Southern Hemisphere and this time I could see those turning green green green. And you can definitely tell there it. Different cloud coverage and in the world when the -- change particularly spring and fall so. It's obvious from up here the tilt is changing other interesting things happen of course the northern lights -- -- southern lights sort of -- to. So all sorts of cool changes you can watch and other earth. Let me thank you so much we aren't -- -- out of time I'd love to spend more time with you and I that you miss that cup of -- I am having -- now I hope you get yours -- when you get actor thanks so much. Thank you very much in Al and I'll wait for that -- a -- flown in space is pretty fun.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Commander Suni Williams speaks from the International Space Station with ABC News' Lisa Stark.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"17454766","title":"Astronaut Talks Dessert, Voting and Triathlons From Space","url":"/Technology/video/astronaut-talks-dessert-voting-triathlons-space-17454766"}