Best Convention and Election Apps

A look at the must-have smartphone apps for the election season.
3:00 | 08/23/12

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Transcript for Best Convention and Election Apps
Yeah. People in this newsroom and around the country are going to be heading into the political -- -- first will be -- to Tampa for the Republican National Convention. And will be off to Charlotte for the democratic national action. They'll -- on the road -- -- the traveling in the hardware. I'll be sitting right here with my iced coffee and I'm mobile phones relaxing and getting all the latest news updates from the show floors thanks to a bunch of -- -- out just in time for the convention. And the election. The first clues to want to have -- the official RNC and DNC apps. Aren't -- is -- Texas 2012 is available for IOS and android. Tap the convention without -- button and you'll be able to watch live video from the convention or reported high -- There's also attacked disease schedules and another to -- tweets from key Republican leaders at the event. The -- -- -- has a lot in common with that Republican -- it also has tweets live updates from the floor and streaming media. But the cool thing about this app is being able to mark contact you see as a favorite just like -- grammar faced -- When you do that it's added to your favorite sport which is pretty visually appealing overall I like this -- in terms of look and feel much better than artsy option. In addition to those there are the presidential candidate apps and one of the best ways to follow what's going -- -- with apps you already have like Twitter and FaceBook. You can follow the actual convention accounts or you can follow -- leaders in fact the social media team at ABC put together a list of Albany County might want to follow. You'd find that there are at ABC Twitter FaceBook we'll also have updates on US political. Let's shift gears for a second that -- street might watch some TV during this convention and if you do you are not being able to avoid those political act cat. But there's an app for that. The super -- app will be available on the apple App Store it's like -- exam for political ads. Hold up the after the TV and it will use audio fingerprinting to find out who is behind the act. -- will give you the name of the super pac organization. And other details. And a -- that point -- actually feel like attacking you might also want to download Obama vs Romney punching -- Yes you can actually have the candidates face off if it's available for IOS and -- Lastly I want to make sure that you have ABC news that my friends here in the -- are going to be updating -- with the latest news and streaming video. I will of course be here drinking my coffee. This means buying.

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{"id":17064178,"title":"Best Convention and Election Apps ","duration":"3:00","description":"A look at the must-have smartphone apps for the election season.","url":"/Technology/video/best-convention-election-apps-17064178","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}