Bike Gear Must-Haves for This Fall

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo reveals the latest high-tech bike gear that will keep you safe while riding this season.
4:31 | 10/25/16

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Transcript for Bike Gear Must-Haves for This Fall
With the weather turning cooler for most of us and the foliage turning in brilliant October is the perfect month. For bicycling and fresh off this year's into bike show in Las Vegas when you there was a thank. With some clever new gadgets are keeping both you and your bike safety is our gizmo is Dick DeBartolo was here all dressed. Up guide him cut me off did you not see me turn. Did you not single going that way. As she read aren't there. You pick your kids I can see your from afar. Hitter paired with the signals if that's awesome okay but wait a minute as more of my god my tail lights on. Yes okay Ethan Allen got back there OK this is a way to easily could free and safe hysterical but didn't. IC and that's one of the new one that exists is 83 dollars it's readable waterproof but weighing small don't get our yes so now you have a helmet. Yet lights front and back. This goes on your handle bar and now when you making turn signals. Everybody knows. Which way you turn it. It was late word that the biker who's out at night and in and yes absolutely this that the jacket lights up day and night day and that is signals that's good to of these lights you can turn on and off. That a little geeky. You know I like it they have a black Italy is on my scooter. So this is still Loomis helmet now they don't. You'd almost like so this is more your speed. This is from fabric and it's called it after thirty so this hasn't a little built back here goes behind the C. And OK OK and you can have a blinking if you want it's great. And what's nice about this is it's hard to do not being on the bike I just didn't happen but when you stop and excel Romany here. Makes it turned bright red phone it's OK so the person behind you and that very ordered books okay okay. So a lot of the stuff until you are hiding making sure they rallied from our this thing all that so Arpey it's called the whale tail. And this is a whole one and a light so you will be seen and heard so if you want the friendly tone. That's a friendly tone actually friendly attack now if someone is really annoying you then you do. It's. Loud yeah and I just keep that for the set for what Diane just starts are collapse. Who are entitled to do it thirty tatters eyes are sending. End as an optional and remote control for the handled board if you're okay okay. That 65 dollars and who guy's fifteen now I Medicare I think he's twelve hero and abandoned bike tones. And these are all little get out of my way humorous. Do you yeah. Yeah. Like your children help us in this it is run by very recent. Roadrunner. And Mike Jones are under twenty dollars and OK and then. There's probably very biggest name in ten bike lock yes ripped in the yes so this is there are huge. This it's called the New York think again. Okay. So I'm gonna show you why because it locks in on both sides broke and in his Houghton steals. It's really don't pick prove cylinder. The key can go either way yet they got to worry tonight that you put it in the wrong way you go to lock and it can go in this way also. It comes with three keys but one of them is illuminating okay okay LEDs he can see in Iraq and everything is coveted in our mind now have Jesus well. Back if it's for our. Yes yes and it's also weightlifting what area is no way you don't wanna lose you like you have a very expensive battle of the name forget about it let's forget about into the Manila and neither are any also make one with a giant chain but I'm of their and that we do we discussed the table. Armed Kryptonite. Thank you would allow these things yes I ready his victory mark. Throw that and if they want more on these gadgets you can check out their website which is dazzle is dot. Yeah dad. Blue. Pretty annoyed.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo reveals the latest high-tech bike gear that will keep you safe while riding this season. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"43038686","title":"Bike Gear Must-Haves for This Fall ","url":"/Technology/video/bike-gear-haves-fall-43038686"}