'Bird Man' Defends Flight Hoax as 'Dream'

Floris Kaayk says his viral video was an "online storytelling project."
4:17 | 03/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Bird Man' Defends Flight Hoax as 'Dream'
A Dutch man is coming clean admitting in fact that a viral video showing him flying just -- -- his arms was in fact fake. The video count it's in the millions that got people excited but -- -- is stuck with the airlines and leaving the flying to the birds snow bird and adventures here -- key post in the video he's joining us now obvious got to tell -- the real story behind this video. -- thanks for joining us today. Eyewitness they look at the -- -- to talk about this but I just want to get your confirmation this in fact was a hoax was it not. Well it was a hoax. You can also collect a long -- storytelling project which has run for about eight months. -- the last studio -- and wasn't real -- -- was not a real life. So that ultimately OK unfortunately it's obviously we have ambitions to actually pull this off somewhere so how would you do this that. Well. First we started eight months ago united Arab decided to make to build wings. -- -- -- the -- the same way as -- Besides -- to -- that it wouldn't be able to -- rated because well I'm not a mechanical engineer I'm a filmmaker. I'm -- I thought well I can make films and I can make animation so. I sent billing the wings and finally -- are finished I -- and make myself -- trivia August -- the wings are actually real those are real. In the weeks I realized I just I have physical rings here in my city -- that they don't finish and SEC in the media. Okay now at the bottom of the video which again this is up to like 3000004 million views and growing on this it says. That you flew so I mean is it misleading didn't put at the bottom of the YouTube -- -- mean. Well it's it's part of. The story am we and we were trying to do tell a story trying to tell my dreams. And every studio has his -- Adam. Information below and its luster lost part of my dream and in my dream I fly like a birth so I thought well I'm just going through. Article this the real flying -- video and well that's what it's Daryn to promote pronunciation. I mean it's it's it's impressive work for of Rabin government technical sampling everywhere ran a story we all Republicans that there's no possible way this can be -- west. NASA would be over -- the you'd be. Under you know -- guard right now you have the know that this is gonna get all this kind of attention right. Well. I I expect that -- attention but I didn't expect this it's just -- me. Crazy. It's all the big present pension plan. -- just -- realize that this happens. It's it's overwhelming and I didn't expect four million people watched his studio I did well. And I didn't expect people to believe it because I thought it wasn't difficult -- in both a lot of people think it is -- OK so let's accelerate what would -- do what's happening now from all of us. Adam right now to stories and it it was a love this Boston last episode -- And eight months online stories. And right now we're making him making off this -- well this alliance sorry that it projects every going to release it and -- and from most of questions which you got from you -- and you that you reactions. I misidentified as anyone emailed to you -- really anger really upset that they listen -- wasn't real. As some people are you angry about the most people isn't known and now its stake there's still liked it and I got a lot of reactions of people which got inspired by my studio and I'm probably of course they are to be disappointed. Tuesday everybody runs as Dubya and violent -- -- well I think. The studio might inspire other mechanical engineers to start building the -- themselves and may teach. -- a barrel while realizes. Universal dream. It's impressive video work -- pike thank you so much for that enforcement now. Where is going to be stuck to -- those -- and those overpriced seats and the airlines thanks for being with us today. Thank -- it's.

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{"id":15988283,"title":"'Bird Man' Defends Flight Hoax as 'Dream'","duration":"4:17","description":"Floris Kaayk says his viral video was an \"online storytelling project.\"","url":"/Technology/video/bird-man-floris-kaayk-defends-flight-hoax-as-dream-15988283","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}