Blue Origin Successfully Tests Escape System, Lands Rocket

Rocket company Blue Origin pulled off a double success Wednesday, coming a step closer to launching people into space.
3:57 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Blue Origin Successfully Tests Escape System, Lands Rocket
9876. Times. Poor command start to. One. Huge difference cleared the tower. There you have those spectacular launch of new Shepperd live from west Texas. Grace a whole Latin America coming up here around 4445 seconds it's normalcy or skiing. There it is 70000 pounds of thrust connect through. Capsule at 400 miles an hour. Maybe experiencing their meantime the loser continues to space. There. It is a clean firing an assault rocket motor and the droves are out on the crew capsule. Does Maine should follow shortly. The for Bolton booster remains nominal sent 39000 feet and climbing. Simply because while we lost aerodynamic benefit of the crew capsule up. And they're go to Maine this. Case allows streaming their grief straight now execute them solve everything removed shortly to voice being busy concede. Offering means there you go full inflation. Phil as a reminder we also have that retro thrust system on the bottom of the crew capsule to make sure that the touchdown it's even smoother for our astronauts. Beautiful continues a sentence a sense of space. Like I was mentioning earlier we actually have to throttle down the engine as soon as the escape happens because what happens as well you Los aerodynamic benefit of the capsule. You also lost 8000 pounds and so if we kept going with our fault for following a full thrust we actually over boost and go even deeper into space. Let's focus back in the crew capsule. That's racy the hills of west Texas. In your screen a nice smooth fifteen miles an hour or so on that crew capsule. Your passion not Nair and being nice smooth ride to. It would have been exciting certainly and buts photos to most importantly be safe right he finally catching her breath and watching those mountains caliber rounds you. And touched down of the new shepherd crew capsule. From what we can tell that was a nominal in flight test of nurse gave system. And again all astronauts on board would have had a pretty exhilarating ride but a safe ride. Absolutely nailed that is a robust system feel absolutely. She knows. Look at. I'll. There it is such talent. They ego new Shepard a look at her. Well on its tests.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Rocket company Blue Origin pulled off a double success Wednesday, coming a step closer to launching people into space.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"42601829","title":"Blue Origin Successfully Tests Escape System, Lands Rocket","url":"/Technology/video/blue-origin-successfully-tests-escape-system-lands-rocket-42601829"}