California Man Cruises With Vegetable Oil

Environmentally conscious driver powers his diesel car with filtered leftover oil from restaurants.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for California Man Cruises With Vegetable Oil
-- Martin's freezing -- the gas station just once a month. His commitment to reduce our dependence on oil is reflected in the type of car he drives. This is no regular 2001. Volkswagen diesel -- and yeah. Here now our beds. When can craves Chinese or Vietnamese food his take -- order includes used restaurant oil he collects it in fifty gallon drums. Restaurants given away they're they're happy to give it away because otherwise they have to pay someone to come pick it up he feels there is the used oil before he adds it to this twelve gallon tank inside his -- The engine runs on diesel for a few minutes until it hits 140. Degrees then he can switch to vegetable oil. -- work on combustion. I'm rather then. Us. Mark they -- they go by combustion and the combustion properties vegetable oil. Are just the same basically is the -- Do -- still may be costly but again they're used oil is free. The cost of a road trip Martin's -- -- is taking next week boggles the mind. -- trip to Denver it costs about. Between a dollar and two dollars. The for the -- free except for just starting and stopping. When gas hit a three dollars a gallon in 2006. This Fresno Pacific political science professor switch to vegetable oil. -- you don't notice at all. If you don't know they -- that's royal other than that little smell coming out that looks smells like French Fries or -- for -- whatever. That converter -- for diesel vehicles cost a thousand dollars. But the deep frying oil gets 42 miles a gallon so -- and has enjoyed -- savings during this fuel crunch. -- you -- -- -- ABC thirty action news.

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{"id":17465784,"title":"California Man Cruises With Vegetable Oil","duration":"3:00","description":"Environmentally conscious driver powers his diesel car with filtered leftover oil from restaurants.","url":"/Technology/video/california-man-cruises-vegetable-oil-17465784","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}