The Case for Designer Tech Gear's Amy Palmer with some stylish cases for iPhones and iPads.
4:03 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for The Case for Designer Tech Gear
Now let's Smartphones and tablets are an essential part of our lives we want to make sure we are carrying them around in -- four -- -- was being fashion forward cases -- Amy Palmer -- about any great to see you for having it though isn't Clinton the electrical devices are now. Really fashion statement that they really are because we spend so much investing in them we want to protect them but we -- -- look good doing so. So these -- the items that we -- that your -- dot com and look at that record just -- right there we love this -- -- -- -- our comments from San trend this is this Internet sneaks in iPhone case and tying and we talked about how expensive this looks. It's only 2995. Everything on the site is only 2995 so this is a great option for your iPhone it's fabulous looks fabulous the -- -- back I can see what we -- about things immutable complicates them over here gaps have been excellent is he -- back at -- -- best friend's iPhone case and I love this because it's cute it's little quirky. I think this is a good effort -- in your life. It's very durable so it ever happens to it. You know it's going to be -- love and and -- all of -- -- jewelry -- there isn't any jail for common and anyone is familiar with an agent knows they make beautiful. State sanctuary. They're now going into -- -- business and this -- for. The attack. Things in your life and it uses beautiful colors beautiful designs so we're not surprised that this is -- -- our favorite capture about dot com and the price point. -- little bit more X 95 dollars to 98 but it's well worth it -- in -- -- is making a statement gorgeous gorgeous now of course the Leon. -- either. -- of boring. -- -- Does the into a different -- with that the first we have here is -- -- him -- -- that touch and go iPad case and this is really studying this is. Let there has his -- around zipper. Goals. And boxed. Features it's -- it's a little on the -- -- cited 112 dollars and 99 cents. But it's functional it's fashionable. And definitely a favorite of ours -- -- and -- -- the options. Over there and the -- strange shaped iPad case from about coming cop. It's that we're going through this before this has credit card features and it reconfigure. And it has all different compartments it actually feels like. A pocketbook currently a person she would carry. And again -- he. -- at a 195 dollars but well worth it because it's functional. And it has a lot of different elements as -- -- have -- lower priced options as well we do this is front and Juicy Couture this is the start -- winner. -- case and Weaver said this is probably for again for the sweet -- your -- this comes at all different colors. Blue. Paying anything that you really went one for between your life the price by Genesis 491990. -- more affordable absolutely and got some fabulous even sale items that yes the gilt -- which is known for its uneasiness. Cells has given us. He is I -- he says the first one is in new Berry crop and -- iPad case. -- recently 118. Dollars on sale of the -- group for 169. Dollar. Again run it to -- this -- The next we have is this blue case this is blue leather which we -- just talking to -- our producer and you know this is more than masculine luck -- and maybe for the man in your liking this form originally 125 dollars until the -- group. For safety. Four. I think they'll upgrade and Atlanta -- -- at. Spiked up with a pair. I love this lovely pictures show today and this feels to me like. The eighties -- -- bad. Rebecca in Bangkok has sort of recreated this is the pyramid stunt laptop case it's 78 dollars is going to fit your computer and a -- and make a fashion statement and I just happen to love it looks at Oracle Amy Palmer from go out I'm thinking they're watching you Tonya.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"'s Amy Palmer with some stylish cases for iPhones and iPads.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"15852117","title":"The Case for Designer Tech Gear","url":"/Technology/video/case-designer-tech-gear-15852117"}