CES 2014 Offers a Glimpse Into This Year's Innovative Technology Products

A look at Michael Bay's failed moment on stage, wearable computing and more.
3:00 | 01/07/14

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Transcript for CES 2014 Offers a Glimpse Into This Year's Innovative Technology Products
This is a special group. On -- open your witness ABC news digital special report tech -- taking over Las Vegas for the International Consumer Electronics Show the -- Gathering place for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than forty years. And here to give us a look at what's going on in Vegas -- Leena -- senior editor at techcrunch -- thanks for being with us today. -- is what's the big thing this year. It's always a big scene -- of course you know sometimes there's a few different you know it issue circumstances that -- waves. Yesterday. At a -- insider news. And producer director Michael -- -- patient or in the sand saying and where he pageants aren't really flustered and why this stage -- I am a huge surprise for the eyes and -- just considering any Indian gaming industry is so -- -- during its presentation and me around Mary union her. -- -- -- -- our televisions that. You know it's certainly cuts -- -- ripple back at CES and then also on the -- afterwards. Well I -- -- play actually what happened let's listen. When I tried to do resigned as a director -- try to. The type as well sorry but on this -- Tell us -- -- -- yes that we would this will will wait right now. I takes -- try to take. People on an emotional ride and the curve. How does it I do think it's -- impacts. How we use experience -- movies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- let's thank Michael -- for joining us. So having been victim of live television and any kind of live performance before -- -- I'm sure you can certainly appreciate the fact that. When something doesn't go quite as scripted. -- action panic consent and that. -- they stormed off pretty quickly. Yes he you know obviously -- had a had a lot of minutes each Friday at the end it's surprising considering. He's meats and hot. Hollywood -- farmers and and -- Kelly was expected that someone and that industry that get up there and how each spray. By Adam you know ERE actually issued a hug afterwards and then -- online that you know each of solid overwhelmed and use it went and he just know what you're not moments out. That's certainly a lead something that's been making waves. You know make -- this year. Yeah amen I have I'm gonna break journalistic barriers -- here is examining him a pass on this because again. No it was something like this happens it can be a fight or flight response and there are really only and one way to go. So obviously you see yes showcasing -- 3200 exhibitors it's a 152000. People are there a 150 countries. Participate how do you make your way around and things like us. Yeah I think it's extremely over Romney comes as she is for Sharon bucks that's it Kiev and and lots of water add -- You know it is overwhelming that you know I guess that's -- -- -- -- it you know. And our charge to kind of break it -- Rio I -- you step we've been a lot of needing new technologies. Sound letter and that is -- -- I am you know I think it's it's it's at Ritz and it really can't years. Our -- what -- the bizarre ones. -- you know. I I -- this sort of wireless connected. Rash you know. Which CEO of course now in this Internet I think everything is connected and I'm just not sure we need to how to connected to breast say Patrick Little bit I had and heavy craft sent -- -- There's also another -- and -- a new device -- -- -- mother which which base is it's almost like a little doll that's it's your call. And basically creates a motion Internet I think that your -- you can attach sensors other. I ends in your home sense whether things are being in an -- -- temperatures in things like that. I think it's a little bit hard and asked for asked right now I wouldn't expect it to hit any -- -- -- and become a salary now. I'm the -- and -- summit that says that as our there's some really useful things you know there's -- new -- Bracelet. That cannot cut in hot June bracelet in monitors UV rays and these dual monitor handing -- -- -- connected -- -- -- -- -- on your wrist and and that -- very airy spines -- and help and it's bra. Well you know I want to ask you about those are ripping us -- -- -- is obviously a wireless toothbrush -- the extreme end of usefulness. But what about those that actually have a -- application and we in fact might see in the marketplace in the near future. Yeah how one actually I'm Ian tennesseans are -- is one of the first companies are really at their name out there are Smart company that apple. And -- debuted. A new product called a couple steel which essentially looks like. A normal you know like fashionable all watch but has this like really really high power capabilities -- -- where -- all. I'm I was art -- and I really think it's going to crash at the forefront of what's watching our they're not just your gadgets you place your risk that they're actually. Seamless fashionable design and well designed. And he sees a jury got about -- that kind of assimilate wit with everything else you where I -- and I and I think that's going to be I. Really really popular product this year in and certainly in years. And not just who watches -- -- small gadgets and gizmos like that as well but Toyota. Making headlines with their unveiling about a hydrogen fuel card. Yeah and it's you know they're saying it's gonna come out in the next year I'm -- efforts by S and -- You know it's it's kind of amazing and certainly other carmakers are now are joining integrated -- that they're going at each launching her own hydrogen cars as well. I think this is gonna -- a huge question in the market for you know sustainability. And -- -- so that's -- monumental and and you mentioned also larger gadgets -- -- This is also any another big year -- -- you know -- and lots that were high resolution Kirk screens are asking again this year. But yet they're acting they weren't 88 yes last year and now they're back again this you're so I think it's -- anymore -- reality for -- for television watchers this year. And lastly -- before we let you go Tivo also out with something now. Yeah also day you know a much more power ball and you know more intensive. Higher storage unit and -- you know it's interesting about it is it really has a lot connecting capabilities so -- -- it's a more connected -- that -- willing approached. You cable companies -- And some of the benefits second half science and consumers. Art things like being able tune just -- -- storage on your EER unit you know it just went to click a button. All are you know downloading. Current -- and and isn't making out a -- in law -- -- packaged in smaller unit. -- let me ask is innocent I promise this will be the last question is -- a much storm -- -- logical -- on me. But you know we oftentimes we see these kinds of new technologies -- -- news gadgets that are coming out there. That are meeting needs that we necessarily didn't know that we had in the first place but as you're talking to other people. That are out there -- other media or other industry insiders that are kind of seen what's out there on the landscape is there anything that isn't being addressed and it kind of immediate pressing need that that these developers seem to be ignoring. You know. It's funny in this -- connected devices average and saying -- -- -- right arrogance focusing time. You know kind of creating more and more aware well you know like Al GN and number others -- -- their hat and -- -- -- I eight at some of these manufactures electronics. A unit to -- need to think about. Beyond the where you know maybe it's different sensors it's at a different queen and on the body and maybe it's -- -- -- ball -- in actual body act. I think that we're focusing a little much -- -- where it all and need to think beyond married now. Right science and it's very difficult to go by that rule that sometimes we need to separate ourselves from the technology. On -- -- yeah. Actress Sharon we arrow from techcrunch Alina thank you so much enjoy your time out there we appreciate your insight. Of course for the latest on CES 2014 spirit -- and abcnews.com. For now on desktops are New York this -- -- special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A look at Michael Bay's failed moment on stage, wearable computing and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"21453192","title":"CES 2014 Offers a Glimpse Into This Year's Innovative Technology Products","url":"/Technology/video/ces-2014-offers-glimpse-years-innovative-technology-products-21453192"}