Dad Creates App for Autistic Sons

Virginia man develops tool to help his two autistic boys communicate.
1:35 | 01/12/12

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Transcript for Dad Creates App for Autistic Sons
-- it's not easy pulling DKB. Know. Who just cast their dead you illumination. It's -- -- might happen for a reason and and -- -- their fascination with technology and the tablets themselves -- the inspiration for an idea that's now on global. Deacon and Gunner or autistic -- for Joseph. Communication with -- two boys hasn't always been easy and that's sort of let me down and journeying to the act itself. -- teamed up with local project director Zach Miller and together the two decided iPad application called airtalk. It's essentially -- speech tool for the tablet using flash cards and the parents recorded voice. Seeing other kids uses and sit -- the ground -- face whenever. They -- their parents who was speaking to them that's huge. And to really see -- change someone's life it's. It's amazing -- People have -- loaded air -- now in Canada Europe even Asia. In the sales continue to soar but Joseph says his biggest reward -- a couple weeks after one of his sons started using the end. -- something he never expected to year. And I put in the slightest that I love you daddy you're I love daddy. We just kept working on working on working on it and finally one day he came -- and the blues gave me cuddled in the big hug and -- -- -- good and wasn't really expecting an answer and you -- right back -- -- says I love you daddy.

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{"id":15346472,"title":"Dad Creates App for Autistic Sons","duration":"1:35","description":"Virginia man develops tool to help his two autistic boys communicate.","url":"/Technology/video/dad-creates-app-autistic-sons-15346472","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}