The Dangers of Greenhouse Gases

Government Report shows the future impact of global warming across America.
2:06 | 11/20/11

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Transcript for The Dangers of Greenhouse Gases
A pair of storm systems brought high winds and heavy rain to parts of the midwest early today. Spawning at least two tornadoes. Tens of thousands are without power and there are new fears of flooding in places already soaked. And more flooding is just one of -- harmful effects highlighted in a new White House report on global warming released today. As bill Blakemore reports it's the strongest government warning yet on the consequences of climate change. It's the most comprehensive and detailed report the White House has ever released on what global warming is doing to the US. Human induced climate change is a reality. Not only in remote polar regions. But every place around the country in our own -- -- It's most of the impacts will be connected this is -- partly because we designed and built our infrastructure for the climate we've had. Not the climate we're going to -- The report breaks down global warming impacts by region and shows the disruptions accelerating in the coming decades. On the Gulf Coast this graphic shows in blue house sea level rise is expected to put 2400 miles of major roadways underwater. Vital information for planners and people who live there. Sea level is now expected to rise three to four feet by late this century. This map shows and read where southern Florida disappears. Under water the Florida Keys the Everglades much of Cape Canaveral. In the northeast it shows New -- climate will feel like that of the Carolinas. As of the state we're just to get up and move south. The midwest how Illinois climate is headed for -- of Texas. The report shows wintertime temperatures in the past thirty years have risen just about everywhere and are soaring in the upper midwest. Bringing more crop disease threatening food supplies worsening air quality and increasing the number of asthma cases. This new report gives Americans few specifics about how to adapt but shows in detail how much they may need to. Bill Blakemore ABC news New York.

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{"id":14993638,"title":"The Dangers of Greenhouse Gases","duration":"2:06","description":"Government Report shows the future impact of global warming across America.","url":"/Technology/video/dangers-green-house-gases-14993638","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}