Data Breach at Arby's Restaurant

Customers credit card information stolen in fast food security breach.
0:53 | 02/10/17

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Transcript for Data Breach at Arby's Restaurant
In today's tech bytes and you major data breach RB says more than 350000. Credit and debit cards may have been compromised in an malware attack. The company is advising customers to keep a close INS statement. For any unauthorized activity faced with down a Mark Zuckerberg is showing off a new way to interact with virtual reality. It is a glove that will work with the populace rift headset. It will allow users to drive type on a virtual keyboard and he says he can't even shoot webs like Spiderman how cool is that. And music from the late great prints will be available on several streaming services starting this Sunday their son's recorded under Warner Bros. include classics. Like purple rain little red Corvette and 1999. They will be available on services like Spotify and after. The catalog up until now had been exclusive insight to know we have purple rain and head and died reps Boozer dirt roads and.

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{"id":45396910,"title":"Data Breach at Arby's Restaurant","duration":"0:53","description":"Customers credit card information stolen in fast food security breach.","url":"/Technology/video/data-breach-arbys-restaurant-45396910","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}