Dog Uses Pebbles to Groom Its Coat

Certified dog behavior consultant says beagle's use of a tool is significant.
1:54 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Dog Uses Pebbles to Groom Its Coat
She may not stand out in -- crowd. But her owner says -- in -- where the magic happens it's just little objects that she finds laying around. Kimbrough -- here's that grinding every day. Switching from one -- to the -- But the certified dog behavior consultant says there's something sophisticated at work colleagues agree. -- the first case that I've ever heard of a dog using tool. She believes blossom is actually grooming her for legs with those pebbles. We're not really sure how she discovered that a small objects made good tools that she just spat it out and then what she does she licks the hair flat and she usually picks at the object -- those the other elections that it is one more. Not flashy -- -- but perhaps significant. There are no documented. Cases legitimate documented cases of a dog using tool and there are cases in -- -- chance. Even octopus. Search YouTube you'll find lots of chimps implementing schools. In hopes that -- the United Nations center will study -- And possibly -- some other tests and studies to see whether she might have the capacity to -- news articles. Now as of -- a typical Beagle mix chasing rabbits not really taking on tools. But is it possible that this pre nup -- ritual may actually teach us a little something about ourselves. It remains to be seen whether the dog has anything tells -- tool -- But her proud owner says blossomed already has a Paul up. On every other -- I think it makes us understand that animals have practical capabilities. In Madison County John Lee news -- --

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{"id":14925875,"title":"Dog Uses Pebbles to Groom Its Coat","duration":"1:54","description":"Certified dog behavior consultant says beagle's use of a tool is significant.","url":"/Technology/video/dog-pebbles-groom-coat-14925875","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}