Ad for Shaving Razors Goes Viral

CEO Mike Dubin discusses his Dollar Shave Club and its hit commercial.
0:58 | 03/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ad for Shaving Razors Goes Viral
For just three dollars a month a California company says that'll keep -- stocked up on brand new high quality shaving razors. It's the first of its kind club and it's getting a lot of buzz online. Yeah a dollar of the blades any good. Now. A Pulitzer and great. Key trader at stainless steel blades and out of -- -- -- strip and it hit it head. It's -- general topic abusive and do you like spending twenty dollars a month on brand name -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that tennis. Do you think you're -- he needs a vibrating handle the flashlight at backstretch -- -- blades and it's Matt's grandfather had one blade and only. -- This is joining me now via Skype the CEO of dollar shaved club dot com the guy the commercial and the CEO Mike -- and Mike how are you today. I am busy I think pair apparently so making commercials and selling raiders are -- seriously now. You're selling razors for how much a month how does this work. So we have through right now and got a twin -- Got poorly and got six -- -- Pretty twin blade razor it's a dollar a -- plus shipping and handling. Or delayed -- six dollars a month. Shipping included. And revenge for this explain. It's nine dollars month should be included and these illegitimate razor blades and this is not some kind of gimmick is an actual play. -- you're gonna get a razor and is -- correct your and you will be able to change whatever you -- it -- it. There are up here on discretion in creativity and how many -- you get a month with between 85 with the work they get more -- with this lady electorate. 369. Dollars and you put the story by four package something. Popular name brands at twenty dollars almost about how -- you -- able to do that. Yeah well we can't and don't act basically redirect its source and we make our own -- -- you know a big waste and a lot of money on marketing. And none product development you -- it to make people think that you need are facts and -- -- -- -- you know flashlight and all that funds. That we make fun of in the video but it's true I mean you really do you have. You really don't need all that's I mean your -- hasn't evolved over the last thousand years which doesn't mean that you should have -- -- permanently but you know. There's there's a -- -- their current quarter of Preston and we're getting easier. Yet we talk about the marketing and obviously you guys did a great job on that commercial I mean it has gone viral you guys have gotten more than a million hits on this thank you wrote this yourself. Into city. Colony. I was -- in new York city State's guests. And in -- -- -- had a great citizens brigade. Which is -- director of the video and Oceania. And yet we just -- city's past thirty years we both ended up in California when I was -- new business. I knew that -- units in May video this is the perfect opportunity to tell really creative brand story. And -- -- was the want to help me -- you surprised by the feedback from -- again over a million hits on this commercial. Yes crazy I mean we're we're really excited about response -- now and are planning for a I don't you could have planned for. Let you know I think what people are reacting as you know is -- of frustration with the price -- brand name -- I'm and then creative way to we're telling the story you know it's funny video for sure. We we're we're on message you know who we're keeping the business sacks. You know front and center so yeah -- think -- there's a confluence of factors here net that's contributing to this excess. You know I think a big part of it is used you know this sense of relief that finally somebody is doing something about these you know these are impressive brand name razors and C news from that nightmare experiences had -- noticed or you know the next few showering and eating food chain is -- must get a. -- Yeah I absolutely it's -- the united dread on a regular basis Mike thanks so much it's called dollar shape club dot com continued success to -- Thanks Simmons.

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{"duration":"0:58","description":"CEO Mike Dubin discusses his Dollar Shave Club and its hit commercial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"15880323","title":"Ad for Shaving Razors Goes Viral","url":"/Technology/video/dollar-shave-club-ad-viral-15880323"}