E3 gaming expo excites video gamers with new launches of franchise favorites

One-on-one with Ryan McCaffrey, IGN executive editor of previews.
3:28 | 06/12/19

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Transcript for E3 gaming expo excites video gamers with new launches of franchise favorites
I'm coming up with that. And want to introduce you to Ryan McCaffrey executive editor ITN has been for a couple days now he's already exhausted and sure. Bryant what has been the most interesting thing you've seen so far. For me it's it's sort of two of entertainment's biggest properties getting big big deal games that it. It doesn't happen often ally yet a lot of times when when a big license like a Star Wars or marvel. Does a video game at least in years past it would be. Kind of the done by the lowest bidder and generally not a very good game but now these game companies and the entertainment companies have wised up. And they're handing the biggest properties in the world like Star Wars and like avengers. To that the top tier video game development talent so. This year to the biggest games Star Wars jet I fall in order from Rees on entertainment so they're making a single player. Third person action adventure game where you play. A jet I who's being hunted down. After order 66 which that took place after episode three of the movie is so you're one of the last known dead eyes. It's just oh. Really really promising. Game smokey seen so far and then. Marvels avengers which is being done by crystal dynamics. They had I'm viewing the Tomb Raider games for the last number of years which are always well received always great games. And this one is eight. Four player online cooperative game we're you can play you each pick your favorite avenger and you can play online with your friends of these are two of the biggest gains coming Star Wars is out this November and that's 18 point next year for avengers a lot a lot of big deal game tested to see here. And we're here all week or what should we look out or what should we definitely not knicks. Well the boots themselves aren't tend to be pretty crazy an elaborate there's always some he's got like a giant prop of some kind to see but. Really it's. The gaming has become so. Amazing it's always been amazing but now that the bar for equality is so high that. You really you can't nobody brings a bad game to. A really promising game whether it's a triple a thing like halo or whether it's even just a smaller independent thing. Does he called twelve minutes that was unveiled at the Microsoft content to sit and occurred that they publish games as well as doing another they've built up the reputation in Hollywood making. Great films and that they're doing the same thing with games and to smaller scale kind of art house stuff in. There's there's that's that's all ovary three it's wonderful. And just out of curiosity hypothetically if you're not a Keener. Will let game. Would I be really bad fat and which could hang deviate survive even. Well you could probably. Stick with a single player game were you don't have to play against anyone else so you know and it's our worst and I thought order could be a good a good option for you there. Or you know the after mentioned the marble avengers game. That's too cooperative so you can't lose you can only think you can use your friends might have to take you know carry the load for you but. Yet this may be avoid the apex legends of the world and that the competitive multiplayer games I think you'll be okay. I no taken I'm a native Canada and you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"One-on-one with Ryan McCaffrey, IGN executive editor of previews.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"63648256","title":"E3 gaming expo excites video gamers with new launches of franchise favorites","url":"/Technology/video/e3-gaming-expo-excites-video-gamers-launches-franchise-63648256"}