Einstein's Century-Old Prediction Confirmed: Gravitational Waves Exist

Scientists announced that they have finally detected the vibrations in space and time first predicted by Albert Einstein 100 years ago.
3:47 | 02/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Einstein's Century-Old Prediction Confirmed: Gravitational Waves Exist
Gravitational waves were predicted by Einstein. About a hundred years ago and they are tagged chemical order stations in the fabric of space to ripples in space time. The gravitational waves stretcher space in one direction. And compress a space in the other direction. Nobody really believes that you could ever detect them because the size of the effect so small. I came the conclusion. That happens if you make this Lana. Nobody had ever made something extra forces lot of technological challenges that. Be overcome. That's what scientific discovery it's really all about. You don't choose the simple things to do. We have done. Something which is brand new field was busted wide open monument that. I think it's like any day you can depend a couple of effects that I looked at it. I thought my god. This this looks like it's. Ladies and gentlemen. We. Have detected. Gravitational waves we did it. Okay. I am so pleased to be able to tell you and so these gravitational waves were produced by two colliding black holes. I came together merged to form a single black hole about one point three billion years ago. They were detected by lying though the laser in her from under gravitational wave observatory. Why go is the most precise measuring device ever built. When we start with what we saw so on September 14. When he fifteen. The two libel observatory its Hanford Washington Livingston Louisiana recorded a signal nearly at the same time nearly simultaneously. And the signal had a very specific characteristic. Characteristic. Of as time went forward. The frequency went out and what was amazing about this signal is that it's exactly what you would expect what Einstein's theory of general relativity. Would predict four to. It massive objects like black holes. In spiraling and merging together. Now it took us months. Of careful checking re checking analysis looking at every. Piece of data to make sure that what we saw was not something that wasn't gravitational have been a factor was a gravitational wave. And we've convinced ourselves that's the case and we're here to announce that that today. But I do want to say something else this. This is not just about the detection repetition ways that's the story today. But what's really exciting as what comes next. Men's 400 years ago Galileo. Turned a telescope through the sky. And open the error of modern observational astronomy. I think we're doing something equally important here today I think we're opening. A window on the universe window gravitational and astronomy.

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{"id":36861124,"title":"Einstein's Century-Old Prediction Confirmed: Gravitational Waves Exist","duration":"3:47","description":"Scientists announced that they have finally detected the vibrations in space and time first predicted by Albert Einstein 100 years ago.","url":"/Technology/video/einsteins-century-prediction-confirmed-gravitational-waves-exist-36861124","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}