Facebook Home and HTC First Video Review

Do you want people to replace apps? ABC News' Joanna Stern reviews "Facebook's phone."
2:53 | 04/09/13

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Transcript for Facebook Home and HTC First Video Review
-- Yeah. -- Chances are you look at based upon your a couple of times today OK maybe more than probable but when you that you're looking at a do with -- The Mark Zuckerberg and his friends -- FaceBook. Changed that because today. Our phones are designed around apps and not people so we want to flip that around the companies come up with each new piece of software called FaceBook home. And it turns any -- according to well up FaceBook -- It also come out with a -- this is the HTC person -- first on the run that you can't write software and here's the question. You want your phone to be about people all the time. -- accomplice FaceBook all -- the front it found. Even when you turn your phone on the first thing you see our photos -- updates from the news he can cycle through those right from the -- -- by -- You can also hold down to see a full picture and double tap to like the status. Here's the thing you have no -- right now what pops up on that street since everything's being pulled it from -- -- Yes it's embarrassing when this photo shows up at that dinner table. You can unlock the -- by swiping your profile photo -- and you can still access all your -- -- -- there yes even Twitter. Does your FaceBook on the phone -- -- this feature called chat -- sounds like -- really weird name but it's actually pretty cool. No matter what apt here and someone sends you a message of circular icon pops up -- profile picture in there. He got it and then you can start chatting. OK no the Pope didn't send me an ethics and neither chuck Knox. It's not features very fun and very useful but -- noticed that messages were actually -- to arrive on the agency's first on my I thought. Also there could be some real slowness when typing in the messenger app -- around the whole entire operating system. That's -- to ACC first is a nice phone it has HD four point three inch screen which makes it really easy to hold easier to hold -- those bigger phones out there. I also love the white on black caller it don't comes in a red black actively. But this isn't as good have a phone -- some -- the higher and android phones out there are even the ice -- It only has a five megapixel camera so photos aren't back -- But on the other hand it only costs -- hundred dollars and it does have AT&T LT TE. They safety first it's been nice enough but if you look at the android home software and other -- Like the galaxy S three or any HTTP -- Expected back at them. If your real FaceBook -- that software is definitely worth a try but you're like me you prefer the -- I just don't really large cat photos or salad photos -- of my phone all day long. But clearly I'm -- an -- person and I and a people person. --

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{"id":18918170,"title":"Facebook Home and HTC First Video Review","duration":"2:53","description":"Do you want people to replace apps? ABC News' Joanna Stern reviews \"Facebook's phone.\"","url":"/Technology/video/facebook-home-htc-video-review-18918170","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}