Future of Facebook

Facebook executive predicts the rise of video, no text, in near future.
0:52 | 06/16/16

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Transcript for Future of Facebook
In today's tech bytes the future FaceBook an executive at the company predicting that tax will eventually go away on the social network. She says in the next five years FaceBook will be probably all video and it looks like Charlie Davidson is going ahead with plans for an all electric bike. The company rolled out the live wire concept by pinch point fourteen. Allowing dealers and fans around the country to take it for a test strike and reports indicate the electric bike will be on sale by 20/20 one. Now to some 2000 year old technology scientists. Say that of the vice salvage from an old shipwreck. Was a very sophisticated piece of machinery that performed. Looks like a computer ancient Greeks used to track solar and lunar eclipses but researchers now believe the device is complex here's system is also used to predict the future when it at that predicted the birth of the computer when both your tech bytes and give them.

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{"duration":"0:52","description":"Facebook executive predicts the rise of video, no text, in near future.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"39897619","title":"Future of Facebook","url":"/Technology/video/future-facebook-39897619"}