Future of technology in a post-pandemic world

ABC News’ Linsey Davis examines the impact of technology during the pandemic, what the future of technology may look like and speaks with Chairman of VaynerX and CEO of Veefriends Gary Vaynerchuk.
8:03 | 05/22/21

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Transcript for Future of technology in a post-pandemic world
Zoom all accept Bloomberg you know those are just some of the names that have transformed our worlds especially in last year. But as we come out of the pandemic possibly more technologically savvy than ever before. What could be the next decade had to have in store for us while to get some of these answers Lindsey Davis sat down with Gary Vaynerchuk as part of her series. Future up. The pandemic put as at a standstill but technology. Could not be stopped. Nations continue to push us forward helping us navigate our new normal weather working remotely. Not amount of cash ordering and safely delivering groceries. Putting the big screen on our small screens. And will be different. Or even making like dame Judi Dench and learning a dancer to. Sorry Jen Z social media has intensified a lifeline to sustain connected. But social media also approved a flash point for the spread of misinformation. Saudi responded to something stable when the second that's your responsibility it's your platform at your company. I think setting of rolls around political advertising is not a company's job hawks of regulating big tech kept increased. Companies like apple re committing to user privacy. There's a bit of talking to ourselves. Axe it's time. Kitty Google full court connected home became even more convenient won't spending so much time inside. Crypto currency continued to defy the odds and not just digital currency digital art to known as an FT's. Artist people's sold this piece for 69 million dollars at Christie's. Can't even hang it on your wall. I think it probably means digital artists here is stay fat for the future. That brings us to Gary Vaynerchuk. A household name with five New York Times best sellers. On Japan UR and marketing sensation boasts millions of followers. Hanging on his every word. I just knew that I was gonna do my thing famously turning his family's wine business into a multi million dollar operation right out of college. Investing in big businesses before they hit the big time. Setting his sights on creating his own NFT marketplace. We asked Gary V about the future of technology. Gary thank you so much for talking with us. Honored to have you here today on the show. Thank you so much how do you feel it that. Pandemic specifically impacted the future of technology. Oh I think when the historians. Do their job here. I think everybody watching this me included. Are underestimating how much happens soaring this year and a half this is such a substantial. Change. Globally. That new patterns and habits have been created think about all the 40506070. Year olds that are now comfortable using Zune comfortable. Using tick tock comfortable. Having six different OTDs not just Netflix comfortable buying every product. On Amazon or direct to consumer you had to learn these things. Could you couldn't leave the house what is the future of voice do you think now especially that more people are working from home. I actually think that we're still behind. And people don't realize how often we're gonna say hey Alexa send me a piece. So I I expect that over next decade us getting much more comfortable not grabbing our cell phone. But talking in the same way that and you know and I know this when used to grab a yellow pages and call. Now you grab your phone I think the next advancement aren't those voices but I think the thing that really popped obviously Doreen. Kobe and one's clubhouse the app where people really interactive need to each other voice only. It on my arts thank you. I gladiator. I know many people work out walk the dog brush their teeth while listening to clubhouse. That is seen music they listen to that used to be watching a morning television program according to listen to a podcast apple is been. Really an advocate now for consumer privacy. As as one who's and the marketing who really technologies. Lane. Where do you see the future going here. I think it's great thank you know it's so funny so we can talk about the IOS fourteen update the nerd version of that as you did have a lot more. Control of your privacy settings pump thrilled by that I have never been a marketer that is. Required to need to know everything. You know I always remind people television knows very little. And people run commercials to trillions of dollars so I'll be honest with you I'm a little bit kind of the reverse I now in with more privacy. Means on the get more ads that I don't want what do you think the future is as far as our art sociable. Connectivity. And how we interact with each other in the far far horizon I think the meta verse PR is not as far as way as people think maybe another ten years which. You think people are mad at their kids sitting on a phone all day. We to be put a VR headset or maybe by then contact lenses and literally lived. They are that's just ten years away what hurts Crennel were twenty its debt I would tell you I'd be stunned if its third which is totally not right. You've been reminding me of all these things that technology has made obsolete like encyclopedia is remember those remember everybody was so they wouldn't give up their Blackberry when the iPhone can. The next two minutes ago. Right now I'm living it. Without it he's everyone's become evident by an NFC everybody's gonna buy an NFC. And two point let's explain his talked about it in the older generation during the pandemic was kind of like forced into and it is there's still a lot of people out there. Me included who don't really understand can you give us go along one on crypto currency in an FT's and it keys. RE digital asset that sits on a block chain which proves that you only. So it's a ledger but it's a digital asset. Remember how people bought sheep on FaceBook for farm bill. As we become more digital. We're gonna want to own digital assets turn that collect to trade and to show. So for example I believe every ticket to every concert and sporting event in a decade is an NFT. Instead of the paper that we used to use instead of the Q our code that you now use on your phone or app you eleven and a T. That will get into the stadium but it's also an asset. So that becomes a magical night when Zion Williamson scores eighty points you couldn't sell at an FT on the open market. There's only been two times I felt this the Internet itself and social media. So I know what's going to be bake I really believe that. Tell us about your an ST start up in particular I want something called meet friends very recently be friends dot com which is a bunch of characters similar to like. Care bears. Similar to transformers. He man just characters that have all these human attributes I care about empathy kindness accountability. Practice bats that is the access extras. On this token so it's a collectibles but what I did was in the Smart contract at least 101255. Tokens that I issued. Is it passed to a three year conference called. Eight SXSW. Meets rolling loud Coachella cultural and business stop most what do you know those kind of conference is a super conference. So I there's an extra value underneath. The asset the answer is you're not gonna find nothing. If you're still dwelling among got you to the spot what do you think it's about you than he says has really. Your evil to relates so well with with your audience. You know I was born in the Soviet Union I'm so grateful I'm completely driven by gratitude I don't believe just because I'm a very successful. Contra nor that it makes me better than anybody. So between my intent and my interest in speaking to people not down to them. That's my intuition if I had to guess on why it's click. I thanks to Lindsay what a fascinating conversation.

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{"duration":"8:03","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis examines the impact of technology during the pandemic, what the future of technology may look like and speaks with Chairman of VaynerX and CEO of Veefriends Gary Vaynerchuk.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"77839381","title":"Future of technology in a post-pandemic world","url":"/Technology/video/future-technology-post-pandemic-world-77839381"}