Gadget Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Dick DeBartolo previews the greatest gadget gifts for stocking stuffers or under the tree.
4:24 | 12/12/16

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Transcript for Gadget Gift Ideas for the Holidays
That's in two weeks until Christmas and the race is on a finally finish up that gift list. What battery to fill those stockings and with some of the season's hottest gadget gifts and in the house would its right now is gives his Dick DeBartolo and I'm hoping you brought back. The senate that I almost broke last year I was taking itself in Santa dancing chanted no I am dancing lights okay. V dancing light necklace. These saw this great for a party under you can cycle through many different little displays. So if you are being a host the host is a fun thing to Wear. I can get in the drug stores for about five dollars on Amazon is of more deluxe version for nine books can feel like you have been burned in your brain late at night after the parties are good at what I love that focus how. Bergen the brain kind of guy at a mile assemblies all over again very. From this thick golden latest distill it can listen a little guy is an HD. Wi-Fi camera this is great if you wanna look in on you kids from any way you. They're not so frightened so it's a kind appropriately eyes and friendly friendly eyes so with IOS and android and of course you can use it as a pet him. This in motion detector in there if you want to use that. Through big grade roost and they make a long line of clocks for kids alarm clocks for kids distilled dog he did die no they make a rocket ship. There what's neat about them is it's very easy for the kid to set. But when. Until you know it is a little project there so that I would if projects that time. And also it can protect pictures of dogs if you want so this will be on the ceiling this will be on the ceiling. Very telling can be comforting to the kid and it's a little time in the back you can set it to go off dead at. Ten minutes or half hour stay on all night OK and under 25 bucks AC or can run on batteries are great different kids video older person this is called the Betty style clock. And this is a Bluetooth enabled. Clock. A very decent sound. You can go on there are the witty web site and get their sound machine act OK so that you didn't listen to I know that you go white noise got it's a more yes I use this for white noise is it charging port in the back. You can set any number of combinations right now we haven't set for rainbow lighting at the bottom and for eight bucks each you can even buy additional ways to change just one of the of course we're gonna go with the leopard print leopard print yes okay it it'll. It'll match my outfit at night all okay. That's under fifty bucks really knew any idea what that guy is just. Not up OK just. And this is an amazing full lean. Lamb oh OK from or keep. OK and you can pretty much been this in any way you want to know why is that me. That is aluminum I got on Amazon's 25 bucks yeah. So it's US speech ought to run streak to six hours depending on high alone it's there's two settings and India. And falls fell flat weighs about a dozen this suntan now. I put great for an airplane. And going to fool you know it's it's non and it turns out usage it doesn't her you have to remember you turn up market. It's pretty neat effect now I don't know why they call this the night lighten dipendra might like Disco ball. Watch this is kinda fun that I can show you these guys are OK would weaken all. Who so addictive fall asleep to this you're better men in. It certainly is great for party command both having belts when they Al coast kicking. I fear how underpaid on the ten bucks okay Amazon and finally here in the last year on what. A knit cap with lights in and yes yeah I think guides. Yes yes exactly what this mid cap has Bluetooth and it okay you can listen to music as you run. Physical didn't microbe I may take and take phone calls and it sounds very decent and the music doesn't get too loud OK but you don't want to block out boy you surrounding the and you can look really cool. Or did either way the standard text. About Dan Barrett of first or more on these gadgets and gift ideas visit picks website at gizmo is. About this thank you very happy holidays the same to you and where is Santa. All dancing San did you get ready outside the studio for try to break.

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{"id":44135588,"title":"Gadget Gift Ideas for the Holidays","duration":"4:24","description":"Dick DeBartolo previews the greatest gadget gifts for stocking stuffers or under the tree.","url":"/Technology/video/gadget-gift-ideas-holidays-44135588","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}