Gadget Grab Bag: DJ Kit, iPad Atari Controller

Daniel Sieberg looks at some products that normally get overlooked.
4:22 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for Gadget Grab Bag: DJ Kit, iPad Atari Controller
We often get cents a variety of tech gizmos from. All over the country just a bunch of different products that we often don't have a chance to look at so we end up having to ship them back. But in this case we decided -- get a bunch of them together and -- them out. Thanks virtual -- well yes we have sort of a random mixes it here organist with one of my left. This is the Atari arcade and it's -- harder with your -- and the idea is it's not all sorts of -- gains in the library that you download as an -- first Iraq. Then you can pay for certain games it -- -- -- four games and nine cents or all of the Atari games were nine and and you go ahead and use this cool little interface here -- with the simulate different Tariq system also could be in that -- -- 600. In this case and politically missile command which I didn't do world back when it was. Gradually coming out and we get the idea he could run through all sorts of different rules school -- -- games and play them in this kind of news way. That's coming -- always wanted to do is to be -- DJ. Don't really know anything about it but here to help is that Jim and I first -- PG. At your -- you can bring in tunes from a variety of different sources including iTunes. And then you can get to be -- -- now it is fairly rudimentary I guess in terms of the Bloomberg -- case out there but you can still do all sorts of conflicts correct tracks. Think Billups was -- from it. Both -- You can set up -- rules so that when you're listening to once -- you can bring in another bit of music. All sorts of cool things. Definitely one way to impress your friends this might we've been a way to get in the door sort of an entry level. At this is that he. Camera that -- talked about before they go pro -- Does that go pro hero who looks exactly the go broke -- -- one the main differences are. That the lands is better twice as -- on the go to act. You can also get different megapixel. Reading sizes for -- still pictures of those still in video. One thing it doesn't do it still doesn't have a view -- so if you want to have a view finder on it you've got to -- this additional attachment towards a preview what -- shooting. But that. The outcome of the video from these go broke -- is pretty impressive and if you go online. You can see some examples of what it looks like -- put together some professional. I shots in one case it's cut surfers. And in the -- actually forty different. Go -- two cameras on ray and you can see that it's very durable. It's meant for all sorts of extreme sports in fact -- -- comes in different editions. Those -- -- petitioners some voters -- exhibition. Each with different now so it depends if you look at -- surf board here -- -- here bike and go -- hero to. Definitely worth checking -- Finally this is -- the -- 612100. Now. Believe me we tried missing relatives not -- that we succeeded in what it's supposed to do. But maybe that's what's lack the idea -- you -- this. Lenses and put in the ear pieces. Then you're able to connected to your -- source in this case freezing. -- touch. And then watch whatever video is coming out of it through this these glasses. Now unfortunately. Its sales like it should be really easy but it's -- We tried messing around sometimes -- played -- source and sometimes we just heard the audio. If it worked well with Netflix we found you could sit and watch a movie. But it didn't look as sharp as it did it on the iPod Touch so it feels like maybe -- work in progress a cool idea. And maybe future versions will feel a little more intuitive. But for us we felt a little lasting all the wires in and things. If you need more information like price and availability is sure go online in the meantime. Napster -- this stuff and it. Remember you can find -- episodes at Hulu dot com slash -- And find us on Twitter that ABC underscored check this out. -- --

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{"id":14984837,"title":"Gadget Grab Bag: DJ Kit, iPad Atari Controller","duration":"4:22","description":"Daniel Sieberg looks at some products that normally get overlooked. ","url":"/Technology/video/gemini-mix-dj-midi-controller-ipad-atari-controller-14984837","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}