Ghost Haunting Construction Site?

Some believe the Virginia site holds the spirit of a girl who died in 1913.
2:01 | 03/21/12

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Transcript for Ghost Haunting Construction Site?
-- situation at a construction site -- workers worried even some of them are quitting because they fear the home is actually. Probably when -- still scared of the dark you really totally hear a grown woman I don't camps are afraid. One worker reports seen an extra person lingering at that construction site and this -- -- human -- Gibson from our Washington DC station WJ LA. Has the ghost. This is where the body of Margaret -- was laid to rest Oakwood cemetery in Arlington. But some say this is where her soul -- right about where that -- underground is -- what's now a construction site two months ago was this 1890s Victorian era house. As crews began demolishing the property to build a new clubhouse one of the workers spotted a young girl inside the building. And he -- in couldn't find her. So he walked throughout the whole building. -- -- understand is that when he was on his way out. He'd -- on the steps. And that's -- turn around and she wasn't there the creepy encounter was too much for the normally tough construction worker he immediately -- to -- And walked off the job. For good. It gave me chills turns out the young girl was fourteen year old Margaret every scene here and his family -- six years before her death in 1913. And a Victorian house being demolished. Had been her home. Apparently the crews were so spooked out by the sighting of the little girl right up there they decided on the ninety ninth anniversary of her death this past January. It would shut down construction for the day. The house has always had a paranormal mystique in this north Arlington neighborhood as a -- -- -- mowed the lawn there. We were all -- on the lawns here did moaning and you know general cleanup and never noticed anything -- -- after -- although there. Haven't been any more sightings of Margaret since that day there's one construction worker. Who won't be around to see if she returns.

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{"id":15972023,"title":"Ghost Haunting Construction Site?","duration":"2:01","description":"Some believe the Virginia site holds the spirit of a girl who died in 1913.","url":"/Technology/video/ghost-girl-haunting-construction-site-15972023","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}