Global Warming Like Putting 'Weather on Steroids'

Climate scientists say small rise in greenhouse gases matters.
2:02 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for Global Warming Like Putting 'Weather on Steroids'
What you steroids in baseball have in common with climate change -- we'll. Imagine a baseball player who's been taking steroids as people clear steps to the plate in -- home -- And yes let's assess home run used steroids if you look at the number of home runs he hits over the season when he's taking steroids. Compare that to a previous season when he -- -- taking steroids. Is only then and computer took the steroids have made him anymore -- -- home run because it's made him stronger. And the chance of emitting -- agreed to by adding just a little bit more natural -- steroids and human body we change the background -- state of our systems. Okay you got. But a lot of bad things happen when -- take steroids right. The greenhouse gases that we're -- -- the atmosphere and burning of fossil fuels for the steroids the climate system. The atmosphere is very small amounts of greenhouse gases occur naturally. So by adding just a little bit more of those greenhouse gases by the burning of fossil fuels to the -- We change the background state of the climate system we increase the temperatures just a little bit. But that increase of temperatures enough to shift the odds toward a much greater chance for extreme -- events and extreme to petition. Normally you'd expect record lows in record highs to balance -- over time. But now we're getting almost three record highs for every record low. So just as a bespoke clearance periods can occasionally strike out -- Climate system with increased greenhouse gases can still experience record cold temperatures. But the chances of record high temperatures are still much greater. House. And that's what steroids in baseball have to do with climate change -- To find out more about climate change an extreme weather check out you -- -- edu slash at most news.

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{"id":15533492,"title":"Global Warming Like Putting 'Weather on Steroids'","duration":"2:02","description":"Climate scientists say small rise in greenhouse gases matters. ","url":"/Technology/video/global-warming-putting-weather-steroids-15533492","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}