GM CEO Makes Big Debut at Detroit Auto Show

Big Wins for GM at North American Auto Show.
3:00 | 01/13/14

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Transcript for GM CEO Makes Big Debut at Detroit Auto Show
This is a special room. I'm Dan -- in New York -- this ABC news digital special report. Is the biggest week of the year for US auto makers the 2014 North American International Auto Show kicking off. In Detroit with big wins going ahead for General Motors Mary Barr took the stage as incoming CEO of GM the first ever female American auto executive. ABC's Rebecca Jarvis spoke exclusively. With bar at the auto show. Well -- could be this CEO of this company's someday I stayed focus on the -- I was doing I -- it I. It you know that it's hysteria I'm -- and I think sometimes you know in industry people -- too focused and the next as opposed to their job the job they're really doing -- that's been my focus. Now the full interview with the incoming CEO Mary -- on -- as Rebecca Jarvis tomorrow. At 9:30 AM eastern right here on But for a look at some of the activities that are happening right now Detroit as the -- is building city. -- at a sunny Santa Monica California for market posse automotive editor -- dot com mark thanks being with us appreciate it. This. Is really kind of steel a spotless -- spotlight the media following that is CEOs every move. And now -- GM's Chevy. Just won the car of the year and the truck of the year. That's right -- Corvette which. Personally had to go well or win fantastic car and the Silverado. We made usually or. Source. -- -- -- -- -- Did the stingray when the court I was -- the sermon that's been redesigned. Listen I'm a Detroit -- I have to show my true colors but obviously I know that it has legacy -- from Detroit. And GM -- really put a lot of money and a lot of time and to redesign that. Absolutely and it shows the suspension is better than ever before. Hours just phenomenal and then. Just today they unleashed. Yes he was six higher -- -- that went in 625. -- -- So you know they just keep stacking up and -- -- getting better and better and and you don't usually Google see an even higher reforms. Stingray or are -- CL want to. Anyway when you when you look at the auto industry that's kind of like the -- and that's kind of like the fund. If I can use a -- -- -- is that sort of like a hood ornament when it comes to GM but -- look at the work course the Silverado which was also given an honor as well. Always in competition with 150. Well the F one city is -- -- system builder today as well. And that's the big news as far as the amassed. The mass market seller. By -- -- -- -- And most 700 pounds lighter than before because all of the body. I was always seemed able to use as a previous. So we're lighter weight there -- probably -- little. Handled better and get much better fuel economy. -- look at that and they are also looking at eco boost the -- charge systems which is relay. Innovative. If you're in the auto industry and you -- -- -- go to four -- here you're going to be left that the line. Exactly the -- two point seven -- ego boost. Is kind of taking their mid range engine. So they're supplying. -- our -- V6 fuel economy which is pretty incredible and -- that level and when people are you know really. You know watching their pocketbooks are asked their opinion whether they're getting bigger. This is a big deal and other are assured of all what is -- and that it's getting for gas mileage on that new ones fifty. They don't have the numbers announced yet but. You we would expect it to do as well or better than -- -- Six interest. LED lights also the visual component of that because and they can drive -- can save you money at the gas -- if it doesn't look great -- -- -- -- he's making a comeback. -- absolutely. The big. Styling thing -- he has just -- it looks strong. You know it doesn't look yes toilet inside unit that it didn't -- jobs aren't more or less likely to -- Talked a little bit about Toyota and -- because they've got some pretty interesting concept cars that are coming out today. Yes. Probably didn't show -- this year is going to be that. One concept. It is just concept and it is sports car. But it is a good indication of where -- -- might be leading you in coming years. They're not saying -- ever gonna go production is butter as we see in the past. They come out these concepts and then there's -- -- -- and -- on production. -- -- Sheila. Another stunner they don't have plans -- in production but it seems like it is. Pretty close to you know being able to beat Romney production based on existing. Hyundai Genesis cool water on and -- -- -- of -- things on this year's they have this. Concept. She drew -- root killer so -- increases or disability. What are the big. I will order that would of the big takeaways there incident from the international auto show them what it -- of the highlights. Well. Big highlights is obviously -- sweeping the car truck a year that's a big deal and and you know old Toledo translator bigger sales and well and they're both well -- On the other one -- -- you don't usually one of the best selling vehicle all time. And we don't senior generation come -- we usually don't seem thing grammar problem -- there's going to be a big deal or. As far as the -- they're fun and you know as a sports art I would certainly -- to see them. Don't production in some form but it's really more designs. There -- a lot of -- going on in Detroit right now is airing on. Absolutely there -- some. You don't -- -- the biggest show the year it's you know. An incredibly large show it takes forever to get through. And you know every media outlet is there covering it including -- people -- Edmonton's. It it's like it's like kids in a candy store I think for any kind of car enthusiasts. If -- those are -- it is because it is grace of a concept cars. Some of the design some of the ideas and service of the gadgets that they're trying to incorporate into cars. We look at that and we say that's only a concept but you know mark your words -- three or four years from now we always -- -- something roll out. With some -- a variation on. Yes absolutely. This is where they can -- first allowing concepts and their future direction. And all so kind of showing off what the next generation signal is going to be big buzz -- Going -- elegant beyond. Self driving cars. You know it would -- wouldn't bite your apps. Also you know it it -- looking it always kind of -- -- cutting edge as far as technology and styling and just kind of -- car designers are thinking now. -- is what you go -- -- what is that one actually ask you about that it's like about you self driving cars Google obviously is try to do something along those lines. How the car shows -- change -- by bringing in some of these technology companies. Things change for the better -- personally I think autonomous cars are the future. The dual core in particular. Has -- pretty huge fans and -- -- out on the road right now and via. All accounts it is fairly safe proposition. There was one report I saw that said -- -- Karros and six accidents and each one of those are actually human right now be autonomous system. I'm Nissan is also and testing out -- and autonomous -- Which aren't you gotta drive around in. And if it works on at least it did on the on the limited -- On but you consider it convenient and getting. Commute time to actually get actually -- worked -- or -- call and end later or do what is going to do and USE. Right it's certainly could be the future as well wait to see and that mark Takahashi an Edmunds dot com mark thanks so much -- certainly appreciate that. And we will have a complete report from the Detroit auto show right here on and on -- -- New York with -- ABC news digital special report.

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