Google Launches Android Wear SDK for Smart Watches, Other Wearable Products

Engineering director David Singleton says "we're right at the beginning in a new phase in the miniaturization of technology."
6:57 | 06/25/14

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Transcript for Google Launches Android Wear SDK for Smart Watches, Other Wearable Products
We're right at the beginning in a new phase in the -- -- of technology. Which means that it's finally possible to make -- -- Apple Computer small enough to work comfortably on your body all day long. And there's a huge opportunity to bring rich user experiences of these devices. And that's why we're building and void where our as our platform for wearable based on convoy. Google's Betty and -- Smart watches are the next big thing -- in a lot of time in its annual bio conference. -- wearable tech hello everyone I'm Michelle -- a New York. A Smart watch software that claims to make your life easier by adding new notifications. Right on your wrist and a promise of Google connected living room those are just some of the things discussed at this year's Google I O keynote address. For more on Google's big plans with many tech I want to bring -- ABC news tech -- correspondent Tina Trenton New York. Chino where rebels a lot of the focus this year with a lot of buzz on Smart watches. What's new -- what they all about hey Michelle -- -- this. Really what everybody was excited about going into do lie was what -- -- gonna find out. About Smart watches and it's -- really exciting new category. Really what it. What's so great about our watches is that you get these same kinds of push notifications about your incoming calls text messages now on your wrist. And -- you know sometimes you don't always have quick -- easy access to your phone whether it's in your -- your hands or floor or what ever. And it be great to just kind of lift your -- take a look and see so and so calling -- so and so texting you. And so what Google announced today was whole new ST KS software developer's kit. That's dedicated just to really optimizing. Apps for Smart watches like the -- 360. Which was introduced earlier but new watches too like Samsung's galaxy. Here live. Galaxy your life I believe and that LGG. Watch it which is another. Really cool news -- watch that will make it all the more easier. To do things right from here verses having to. Fish that -- out -- your bag or backpack pocket whatever. You know -- -- space age we've always talked about -- just think about the day we can do this. So what was the most exciting aspect for you in terms of android where when it comes. To the masses being able to Wear them and use them yeah I get the focus -- was really on making on this whole experience. As seamless as possible it's not an extract thing that you have to learn to do you but really it's basically like having your phone. On your wrists and interface books exactly the same as it would for your for your river wrist that is so. Anything that you would use all of your favorite apps like for instance. Ride sharing apps food delivery -- Now instead of actually having to open app from your phone. Order food. Call up a taxi you can actually do that from your wrist which is really really cool. Some certain watches also have an IR blaster which lets you use your. Smart -- as a remote control for your TV so really cool stuff. -- again very high tech and just been introduced here -- people who are not and gadgets start wearing watches and did anything we. Sol -- out of this conference changed the equation and that. Yeah I think this is already a category that was generating a lot of buzz had a lot of people really excited. And it's something that we're really familiar with strapping on a watch every day is not one extra step that you have to take it's probably a step a lot of us are already taking our daily lives. So this is something that feels already kind of into -- -- and now it does a whole lot more. And another thing that Google really focused on today was. Being a part of all the other aspects of your lives whether. Whether it's in your living room in your car. On your wrist it is kind of like. Seamless. Interaction -- activity type of experience. Where they're feeding themselves in -- -- parts of your lives that your party acted in every day and Tina part of that might be android TV also how is this Google's cancel answered apple. It is any kind of builds on what they RD had. Developed previously and this is even more new features here. Features like being able to. Stream photos from your phone right on to your TV and making your TV a basically. The most giant photo album that you probably ever seen so -- that grandparents. In the family will definitely love. And letting your guests who come into your -- show you their favorite videos without having everyone crowd around a tiny little phone screen now they can just flick that. Video on two connected TVs and everybody can enjoy a big picture. Captive audience -- and software that's already on your boxes -- TV's. Yeah a lot of the software is. Going to definitely be in integrated into the newer and latest -- -- models at TVs that we'll see rolling out. And then with crown castle which is a dongle that was previously introduced last year. It makes -- it gives you a software update for those who -- have -- casts. So Tina give me an idea we've heard about these Smart watches what does that mean for Google glasses is this something that Google is stepping away from more -- a still also -- main focus for them when it comes to where polls. You know that's a really good question I am not sure I was really Cipro. Eyes to see that there was no -- virtually no mention of Google glass and funny because you pan out into the audience and you saw all these developers. And sitting and listening to the conversation and they were wearing their Google clash. There is a certificate in honor -- yeah. There's definitely. Still a little bit of -- -- there in terms making this an acceptable kind. Kind of wearable because -- -- really. Noticeable I mean you it's one of the first things you see. When you see somebody who is wearing one wears a -- is a little bit more discreet and kills almost a little bit more non intrusive. So I think you may be will see definitely larger shift into the direction of watches and may be a little bit of more away from Google -- In a trend thank you very much for breaking in this all down -- Michelle. This is -- at ABC news digital special report keep up with the story in real time by down downloading the ABC news that. And starring the story. For those exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen and New York.

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{"id":24301804,"title":"Google Launches Android Wear SDK for Smart Watches, Other Wearable Products","duration":"6:57","description":"Engineering director David Singleton says \"we're right at the beginning in a new phase in the miniaturization of technology.\"","url":"/Technology/video/google-launches-android-wear-sdk-smart-watches-wearable-24301804","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}