High-Tech Thermostat

Temperature control for the iPhone generation.
3:06 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for High-Tech Thermostat
British shift gears entirely now to talk about what we think could be a revolutionary product we have to get a sneak -- a couple of weeks ago. And it all comes down to deal with temperature. What meth labs really about it it's about -- company who really wants to look at unloved products in the home. And revolutionize. Them and think about. We creating products for an iPhone generation of consumer we think there's a lot of products -- home the thermostat being one of them that can be rebels. Until -- Fidel knows something about the iPhone generation he's credited with designing the iPod and helping with the creation of the -- to. After leaving apple full time a few years ago he decided to form a company to tackle the problem with energy waste with a new kind of thermostat. The next. Today they're two different types of service that. There's -- broke -- -- service that -- -- up and down and to save any energy with those. You have to change if -- hundred times that your -- -- there programmable that. Those thermostats allow -- to change the status scheduled for what you like it was however. Those things been around for twenty years less than 6% of a quarter billion service that -- Homes and like -- US are actually program once. So we have almost a quarter of -- billion service that that are all losing and it. So -- -- says -- -- this labs to try to minimize the complication. With a total redesign. There's really only one button and a spinning -- -- works with nearly every heating cooling system so we. Brought to bear hardware technology. Software technology and the device services technology user experience and user interface. Applications program. -- Create a network. They are networking platform unlike ever seen before by any of the other service that providers in the space. The key to the -- is that it learns your behavior so for example if you always sit for 68 degrees on Monday night at 9 PM that eventually -- do it automatically. There's -- least setting that it was the optimal temperature for being environmentally friendly. It also uses sensors to detect activity or a change in climate and -- maximizes the time it takes to go from one temperature to another. Plus it taps into -- -- want to fight network. Why do you want that simply when you run out of the house or he might be on vacation. You can check from any Smartphone. -- -- Tablet like an iPad or even a web browser you can check in under your thermostat. NC could turn it -- you can turn up to everything that's going on that their respect from anywhere in the world. For -- its older putting controls the programmable thermostat. Back in the hands of the consumer. We think that the first step right now is waking people up to the problem. That literally 50% of their energy is controlled by their their respect that they -- -- what we wanted to have people understandably. They have this real energy future house. That they can do something about it and hopefully -- the -- that you to fix this problem.

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{"id":14837556,"title":"High-Tech Thermostat","duration":"3:06","description":"Temperature control for the iPhone generation.","url":"/Technology/video/high-tech-thermostat-14837556","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}