Holiday Game Guide: 'Elder Scrolls,' 'Star Wars'

A sneak peek at some of the hottest games out this holiday season.
4:01 | 11/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday Game Guide: 'Elder Scrolls,' 'Star Wars'
Plus check this out I'm Daniel -- first of all don't feel alarmed by the growth -- my upper lip it has been diagnosed as early stages of November. And if you don't know what that is. Look at. So around this time of year holidays a lot of video game companies tend to release some big titles. Holidays and video games tend to go together like. Han Solo to buck or maybe Mario -- Luigi. In any case we recently got a chance to check out some big titles that are just around the corner from electronic arts and Nintendo. The newest installment of the elder scrolls franchise maybe one of the most highly anticipated games of the year and finally -- This year in -- written -- as a prisoner for us into an epic adventure to kill dragons that have reappeared for reasons unknown. Styron keeps people who -- field the previous other schools -- -- -- makes a variety of much needed updates new school system the ability to craft armor and weapons and a much more user friendly menu. Into the game -- hit stores in time for the holiday is his need for speed the run. These eighteenth game in the popular recent -- -- this -- was the first of the need for speed games he used real world locations as the race cross country from San Francisco at New York. To try to win 25 million dollars. Your character -- of the game is Jack quirk he he basically finds itself -- -- spot trouble. And the only way he's getting out of it is -- -- this was a race you you really are told the whole Lotta benefits Jack basis tomorrow and answers the races is -- for his life. The run is the largest need for speed game to date and it was designed on Tyson's new frostbite two engine -- basic. Doubled the size of a world that we value over Austria. We got four times the number of textures in the -- in the game that we ever had before or customer objects so. The size of the game. Just like nothing four. And of course there's eye candy. The 2012 portion eleven Carrera as standard for -- -- -- Her exclusives in the games and Sports Illustrated models -- -- -- in -- time again make an appearance using new motion capture technology. It allows for more realistic in facial movement. And finally the game that we still look silly little while -- Star Wars the Old Republic BioWare is first and -- -- -- sent 3000 years before the -- and -- pixie universe on the brink of a huge war. Each class has its own Star Wars trilogy of plot which means there's a whole lot of game here. We -- the final calculations it comes in at about sixty man years of writing. So if one writer -- attempted to right the Old Republic it would have taken him his entire natural life to do so. -- republic is also the first fully voiced memo you have no idea help those who punished. Featuring over a thousand voice actors in three different languages. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After that if you had no voice acting so Lucas arts came out and they really went for it -- a worldwide talent search. They opened up studios all over the world and had them running concurrently for years at a time. Never played an MMO or multiplayer online game. That a Star Wars -- well BioWare is looking to include everyone. What were hoping is that we're gonna not only get MO fans but RPG fans do not normally did and that states. The millions of people who play Dragon -- millions of people who played about the fact they're not all profit over -- People who love story or people who just love Star Wars. Can come in it and the story gives them a very easy and throw much easier than trying to deal with staff and complicated and a vote -- When people come and play -- -- public. They really you walk away and thing I'd never thought it would be so much fun to go for a story with my friends. To argue with my friends. To have great celebrations with my friends victories and fees and really be able to later say my game with a difference. Because of who I was where. -- republic launches on December 20 and is already available for pre order.

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{"id":14984754,"title":"Holiday Game Guide: 'Elder Scrolls,' 'Star Wars'","duration":"4:01","description":"A sneak peek at some of the hottest games out this holiday season.","url":"/Technology/video/holiday-game-guide-elder-scrolls-skyrim-star-wars-mmo-14984754","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}