Holiday Technology Gift Guide

ABC's Andrea Smith has the season's hottest tech gift ideas.
5:32 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for Holiday Technology Gift Guide
The holiday shopping season is in full swing and if you're still wandering around the store aisles looking for the perfect present for the tech lover in your life your searched. It's over ABC news technology producer Andrea Smith has tested out all new product. And joins us now with her picks for the best tech -- the year Andrea thanks so much for being here -- -- -- okay so there are a lot of products to pick from this year and let's start off with tablets you picked that they know what this particular tablet. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I liked this -- a lot because well this is the best I think of the new. Less expensive tablets the act two is still number one up there that everybody wants. But I like this one because it's it's so small it's portable it feels really good in your hand. And it's. First and foremost -- This is the place to be you can see movies on it you can see your pictures on day you can -- things on it you can and go to your library everything's on he. Here how does it compare to -- -- Kendall. So the thing is the iPad has a camera and the iPad has three G -- is connected. The -- and the Kendall fire do not have a camera. So that's the one thing you need to consider but these are much less in price. This particular one -- -- has more built in storage so you don't always have to be connected. When you're using the Kindle fire you need to be connected in order to view your media. Got to second and next thing you have is some so called indestructible headphones which. As president you have to look it's a company called sold republic soundtrack of life so they look good he Sam really good -- Affordable their -- their cute. And what I love about them is since people know that I and apparently you look past Bali as the thing you could be -- stylish you can order in interchangeable -- this comes -- and how that right there and we can take the purple from this one. Nixon matched that topic on today's column that sound and ends here are they really -- -- Lantana you can just like this and there. Pretty indestructible. OK and sound really did an okay. So. So to -- -- in your words are right to industry -- -- have been -- -- -- the next thing you have is a Smartphone and there are a lot of options for Smart -- -- -- -- here now he's well you know everyone of course was looking for the apple iPhone four -- but I tell you if you aren't consumer. Google if you have a lot of -- -- contact. If he used Gmail. And if you use Google docs the end telephones are really wonderful I really love this new Droid razor. Look at this this is there so roll band -- at a radio Motorola RAZR yet here it is again. And this has a super amoled screen. Right vivid shiny and mean you can just see everything hat and gorgeous I can't I like this -- how do you think this compares -- the iPhone four we also have -- -- -- here well we do -- -- it's it's certainly brighter we can -- little and I if so -- bigger but it's not know it's. The -- iPhone of course has more apps. And then of course the other -- that's coming out for for AT&T. Is the new Blackberry a lot of people are still Blackberry devotees of the new Blackberry phones coming. I've gotten panel picks favorites OK let's talk about something for car lovers the viper Smart start GPS is something parents might want to get for their teen driver out. -- -- get this for themselves could use that -- so in the morning if you have this on your car remote start you just take this little thing here or your iPhone because it now has an -- for it. Caller is from my kitchen I can start my car get about ten minutes and my -- a warm and ready for me just using this -- -- here's what's gonna make teenagers across the country shudder. If I -- to -- this button. In about thirty seconds it's news now I'm getting -- -- far. So -- -- -- you can -- a perimeter so save your child is -- driving and you don't want them to go past a certain location. You can get a text or email -- says your car just left the town that your and why I want to know this argument when -- know how fast it's going. Really if you think about the implication it's great for older parents it's great for people with alzheimer's so it's really you know it's really good way and -- No -- your husband's house I. That way for that okay your last thing is something for the TV lover in the -- right now this would. -- showed -- -- have gotten so small it's called a roku box it's a streaming media box teeny tiny also purple. You have this is the acts as. This is a high death media streaming device basically what it does is it gives you 350 channels of media to choose from bringing it into your living room. This will play HD 1080 Ph.D.s and you can bet your Netflix if your subscriber -- -- last. Pandora all of the channels it's a great way to kind of a little bit on your cable bill if you're an M I'll be subscribers sports package you can subscribe to them on the road crew. By this box once that's it. And it starts at sixty dollars which sounds pretty reasonable for all -- -- -- owns direct all of and that little box Andrea Smith. ABC news technology producer thanks so much -- -- -- there.

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{"id":15049692,"title":"Holiday Technology Gift Guide","duration":"5:32","description":"ABC's Andrea Smith has the season's hottest tech gift ideas.","url":"/Technology/video/holiday-technology-gift-guide-15049692","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}