Homeless Help With Wi-Fi Hotspots

Ad agency hires homeless people to bring the Internet to consumers.
1:53 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for Homeless Help With Wi-Fi Hotspots
At this year's south by southwest dusty white is a living breathing hot spot. He carries a four G device in his back which allows people around him to get on line. But -- so -- programs on Monday we met up with him is he offered Internet access with people around Tim -- is not known is that he's homeless look at it like. This. As I'm swallow my pride. Unite ourselves -- -- embarrassed about it you know but. Being homeless is changed me in different -- enough about people. The former car salesman as part of a pilot program called homeless hot spots he earns twenty dollars a day plus cash for anyone who logs -- line. Users ask for a password which in turn it starts a conversation. That supposed to be the point of it. And so much of our time spent walking in their hands tour of homes and to actually make eye contact can have currencies from the person that. You may not necessarily ever do it is nice way to to to start the program. The brainchild of ad agency BBH it is also seen as a step up from the days when the homeless sold -- around newspapers the Wi-Fi device itself is smaller than an iPhone one of them is capable of providing Internet for up to five users. -- -- resource center put dusty and twelve others in touch with homeless hot spots. They get a chance to tell her story to personalize this experience. But others see it differently. One viewer on our FaceBook insider page called -- dehumanizing and distasteful. Another said it sounds like we're using the homeless there -- people she wrote. White meantime says he does not feel taken for granted he calls himself a people person and says he loves meeting people. Yet from what we can tell not one person he met went -- to use the service we followed him for an hour.

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{"id":15910022,"title":"Homeless Help With Wi-Fi Hotspots","duration":"1:53","description":"Ad agency hires homeless people to bring the Internet to consumers.","url":"/Technology/video/homeless-people-sell-wi-fi-hotspots-15910022","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}