2012: Inside The New York Toy Fair

Take a tour with the Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht.
5:03 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for 2012: Inside The New York Toy Fair
I like to act point I don't on an and it happened in nine American international toy -- -- my favorite. City New York City if it back there. -- over a thousand point manufactured under this -- There are hundreds and thousands of toys to play with the fact that plane went one of my favorites one of them both last year. I mean there's a last chance -- -- What I rise and it was video game playing with the polite. They sat on the airport -- -- power and this pulled -- little Green Bay when they get me. The giants. So that's of the giants -- life. So let's find anything single play with select men's -- -- -- Pocket. Not yet a tank I raised there. It's an electric -- euros air at least -- fans spinning -- it's about an -- -- in unison -- -- He's probably -- right greets them and and it your house. -- It's -- much. Like this aren't. Though we think it's great at any rate at 3. O'clock three -- -- -- -- -- cast -- there's -- and it sparked. Sound -- the amazing. Kidnap kids. And there's I'll hold my kids got stuck behind this right we got in my that he might. -- that kids can claim they want to be just why can't. -- -- No day is damaged. Wednesday -- mom Jan maybe I was on his today -- -- is -- unity yeah. He's happy music I'm -- had spent big yeah. -- Enough either our code level don't know about us doing anything happening -- yeah. Knowing about. -- and we'll have winds lightning and we had to explain his continent on his promoting his stem cell you can't -- anything about these fake. -- -- -- -- I have and the energy management and -- men -- wait until the practice. -- that. Every expense both then there's something new perhaps on his right isn't there. This you'll want warriors which are armored -- -- home. And so it you can customize and then and now are -- -- and and you can play them in a battle style game. And I. Isn't really cost -- the Power Rangers yes more popular than -- exactly and it's the -- of the super samurai exactly. And you didn't tell us and absorbs. And it. Now it is arts and what we're gonna create with them right is the ultimate exit I can't wait -- let anything did this packages. That isn't here to some than. The special -- -- symbol. Your construction toy -- lights -- lights up and it's abstract building in -- it combines. It -- with methodical building as well so -- -- -- each other -- -- magic and the humans talking to aren't they. Are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in -- -- boom in clean out what the bad thing on the first day school. The box a Crayola crayons at. These guys are so much when we are relax weren't an issue written -- marker air crash on my lung this -- -- you can assume can't hit air crash -- like a thorough. Speaking get dark colored lighter colored he can use these -- pencils to get sheets. Really aren't really cool air -- rat a lot of -- -- Does and you have a hearing different than regular listeners aren't bank and its current I want the rock point I'm -- and I can -- it what do the kids riding right now. The radiation and then it's like the lights underneath it has 48. LED lights and it's rechargeable I don't have to get on the -- points -- The great concern and I did -- -- a good. -- --

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{"id":15605249,"title":"2012: Inside The New York Toy Fair","duration":"5:03","description":"Take a tour with the Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht.","url":"/Technology/video/2012-new-york-toy-fair-laurie-schacht-15605249","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}