iPad Mini: First Look

A first look at Apple's thinner, smaller, cheaper tablet.
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Transcript for iPad Mini: First Look
And yeah. You've seen this this is the iPad but today it got a little rather -- I had me here is what's different about this -- -- The first thing you notice about this that it isn't credibly be much thinner than any other iPad in fact -- and happy and so. This thing is that it is smaller it's -- seven point nine industry has opposed the nine point seven -- on the bigger iPad. And you can see that makes it much easier to hold it hold it in one hand it's really easy to hold up like this. But she's still running things software at the other iPad you actually compromise any sort of feature us. But all of that -- for number three which -- -- cheaper iPad this iPad starts at 329. Dollars. Supposed to be iPad two which starts at 399. Dollars and the new iPad starts at 499. Dollars. There's a lot of ipads is this going to be the best iPad yet. Well it certainly is going to be that -- -- the latest and cheapest iPad. --

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{"id":17548177,"title":"iPad Mini: First Look","duration":"3:00","description":"A first look at Apple's thinner, smaller, cheaper tablet. ","url":"/Technology/video/ipad-mini-first-look-17548177","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}