iPhone 11 makes its debut

The latest smartphone features multiple lenses and an extended battery life.
2:25 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for iPhone 11 makes its debut
That Warner were all about those 10 PM the move dual core processors. And those nice shape I and better power alive especially when all of those. Big juicy parts are inside our. Safe thing what. He's telling you the apple picked up at the other pipelines. The iPhone and eleven down I'm there's Sydney in the first iPhone eleven owner had been waiting in line distance between eight and. So basically I have that big lead up to the hype because I took my producers back its velvet and showed talking about all the parts and five guys. I don't really know what's inside their ideas now. It then there and it works. So that's not all that apple is launching today if you cover all got a firsthand look from Apple's Fifth Avenue store here in New York City. It got better battery life better cameras on better displays and other features so we think people are gonna love it. Apple employees are expected Lee excited about the release of their latest Smartphone hack the iPhone a Levin and apple wants series five. And so far most of the attention is focused on the phones multiple camera lenses. Four times more scenes for wider photos like landscapes high chop action video. Plus an extended battery life and the new apple watch with an always on display and now accompanies for turn by turn directions. Exact writing down the road. And if a right turn is coming up until now dental disease at Alexio you'll feel it and then you've got to turn yes. Of course if you want the technology you'll have to fork over some cash the eleven starts at 699. Dollars but that's the most affordable option. The iPhone eleven pro Max with the highest storage will set you back 1449. Dollars. If somebody dropped the thousand dollars on an iPhone next two years ago that they need to upgrade I think it's about you know what you love and what you're gonna use but we think they're all great options available and as we said there's a lot of different payment option to say. While the height behind this new tech is certainly extensive don't expect the camping out around the block that we saw would previous iPhone. It used to be that as soon as a new iPhone came out people rush to the stores to get it and now. As technology. Has improved so much over time it starts to feel a lot more incremental when you get a new I found. Apple no longer releases their pre sales figures but most reports are you saying the iPhone eleven is selling better than its predecessors. Cover all ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"The latest smartphone features multiple lenses and an extended battery life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"65741591","title":"iPhone 11 makes its debut ","url":"/Technology/video/iphone-11-makes-debut-65741591"}